wicca spirit of a elder

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wicca spirit of a elder
Post # 1
The other night I was on this site and I was getting up out of my chair to go to the kitchen, and their was a spirit of a Wicca elder lighting a candle to heal my spirit and to give me his honor in magic. I have the ability of discernment of spirits. And I have seen other spirits before that will give you honor to use in the spirit through shamanism.

I'm a Christian and not a Wicca but I do believe in magic and do spiritual old tribal things one is magic that I do at times.
I see magic more like a druid or wizard in the connection to it.

The spirit of the flame was bright and beautiful in the candle with healing he looked like he was healing my spirit from darkness and that he wanted to give me magic to use to protect myself from bad spirits and to learn about the Wicca ways.

Here's my question how do people of Wicca see a spirit or why an elder would appear? And how I could approach this to help or let it's positive energy flow into my life?(basically how I should take this as a blessing) And how i need to see it so I don't dishonor the balance in magic?

The day after I felt very uplifted in god even in my Christian faith as if god has blessed my spirit with a form of magic that he lives in.
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Re: wicca spirit of a elder
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Only hindsight of your own experience can show what the image of the elder really means, so maybe just explore that a little more, or take note that it happened with gratitude and let it go.

While this is definitely not a Wiccan practice, I've worked with figures of Arthurian legend quite successfully as a pantheon. They appear to me in meditations, like daydreaming that I don't get to control; or sort of superimposed on the image of the world that I have in my mind.

I recently got back my copy of Catherine MacCoun's "On Becoming an Alchemist" (also not Wiccan, it's Hermeticism) that I lent to a friend, and I think she's spot-on with subtle versus gross and how to work with spiritual visions (as she says it, many psychic interpretations of her past lives are "real meaning, but not real fact" so it goes with the form that spirits appear to us.)
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Re: wicca spirit of a elder
By: / Novice
Post # 3
How did you know he was a Wiccan elder? Spirits do lie, so perhaps you misjudged the spirit, or perhaps he was lying about being a Wiccan Elder. I don't doubt he healed your spirit, whatever your faith you can be healed and grow closer to the divine in many ways.

Now, Wicca is new in the grand scheme of things, so by 'elder' what did you/he mean? Was he an old spirit, or did he claim to be an elder? Wiccan Elders could be any age, it's a title for someone who knows a lot, probably a council member, and a teacher or priest/priestess.

I would study before doing anything. Try speaking with the spirit further. While he could be directing you on a spiritual path, Wiccans don't convert people, it's kind of frowned upon. We answer questions, but door to door soliciting no. If you feel Christianity completes you, then it's your right path despite what a spirit said.
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Re: wicca spirit of a elder
Post # 4
He didn't tell me he was, you know when you have a vision and you know what it means that's how it was, my spirit was filled where I could interpret that it was and elder and of healing beautiful pure light where I new it was in god. And it made me drawn to his spirituality. I new why he was their I was just seeking someones spiritual advice that already is experienced in Wicca to see if they have any advice of what someone should do if the spirit has a calling on ones life.
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