dream spell

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dream spell
Post # 1
Hi can anyone steer me in the right direction of a dream spell that will make a person dream of only 1person ( if that makes sense)
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Re: dream spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
theres some stuff out there about that..entering into another persons dreams. you do it through a kind of astral projection.

im really sorry, but i dont have the link for it on my laptop

Running a spell like that i think is kind of tricky. spells only work where there is a possibility for something to happen

now it is possible to happen, but someone's unconscious mind is kinda like a mirror. Say for example, you are in their dream...well, its not "you" per se it is themself thats in the dream. A dream is someone's brain talking to itself.

If you have the basics down and know how to cast...i would say come up with your own spell to do this. You know your target and you know your relationship better than anyone else here so i would say a spell like that would need to be highly personalized between you and the target.

Give it a shot and see what would be great to hear of your success and what you did

Good luck!

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Re: dream spell
Post # 3
Thanks Thor I'm pretty new at all this that's why I'm asking for direction to a spell
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Re: dream spell
By: / Novice
Post # 4
i really think youll be able to create a better spell...

if it was me doing something like this i would meditate a great deal and visualize the target sleeping and then entering into that person's dreamscape...i like candles so id probably do some research on colors and correspondences for what would be most auspiscious to get my mind into what it is im going to do....

make sure you have a really really clear intention and strong visualization of doing that intention

now i dont know how to AP other than moving my finger in AP (haha...its eluded me for so long...) but thats how i would execute the spell say words for your intention and then do an ap based off your visualization and intention.

its an intriguing idea, and like i said there is stuff out there about it...

and it seems like so deeply personal, you could look out for some pointers but then really tweak the spell itself for you and the person. you know like personalize it a lot

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