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Clay Pentagram
Post # 1
My friend, a Christian albeit not devout, just bought a new house. On the back porch she found a beautiful clay pentagram with the tip pointing into the house. My magic tradition doesn't use pentagrams and I've only read up on them once.
I read that in the home setting you'd draw them in chalk with the point facing outward during a cleansing. So this doesn't make sense to me.
Would anyone be able to tell me if my friend should be concerned or get rid of it? If she should get rid of it, are there any precautions she should take?

*Extra info, just to add to this strange series of events. She called one day to tell me about a dream where numbers were involved shortly before she closed on the house. Using numerology, turned out the numbers in the dream add up to 1. Her bday & the address of the new house adds up to 1 on their own too. I thought it indicated she is suppose to have this place so now I can't believe the pentagram would be negative.
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Re: Clay Pentagram
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It's just a symbol. Like finding a crucifix in your house, if you don't believe in the symbol it has little to no power. I have no doubt the previous owners filled it with energy, but the energy will wither if you don't feed into it. If your friend is so concerned you could cleanse and protect the house and get rid of pentagram. Wash it with vinegar neutralizes energy or so I'm told.
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Re: Clay Pentagram
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

In my opinion, a pentagram with the point pointing into the home would be one that is designed to pull positive energies into the house. So this would not be a bad thing at all. But if she is uncomfortable with the symbol, then cleansing it with salt water should do away with any energies associated with it.

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Re: Clay Pentagram
Post # 4
Ah, so they can be "programed". Thank you for adding to my knowledge base. She lives out of state so I can't show up and confirm just what the set up is myself. She's too busy panicking to give anything I can use to help her. But yes, I'll pass along what you two have said.
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