Odd dreams?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Odd dreams?

Odd dreams?
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I have been having odd dreams, on and off, for some time now. I would like to know what these mean, so I will put a post here explaining them.

When I go to sleep, I often find myself dreaming about a garden with quite a few flowers and a large tree in the middle. There is also an older woman there in the garden, normally under the shade of the big tree. There are three or four small, stone benches near the tree, decorated with different images such as a scorpion, a goat with a fish tail, and a couple other things. I always feel protected, happy, and calm there. These dreams have been sort of recurring dreams, I suppose, but the only part that is the same is the woman (Though her dress and/or other clothing changes occasionally) and the garden. Occasionally it is raining or snowing, though there is no thunder or lightning, but it is often sunny.

The woman in the dream talks to me a lot, and when we talk it is very comforting topics. The dreams started when I was about four, from what I can gather from looking at pictures that I found that I drew from around that time. The woman is always there, as is the tree that grows taller than I can see.

The odd part is that, recently when I told my mom about the dreams when I had just woken up and could remember them very strongly, she was very surprised and said that it sounded just like the way her aunt talked and looked. I have never met my aunt, as she died before I was born, and I have never seen a picture of her.

There are some similarities between this and some stories on my dad's side of the family, but I don't think this would be the right place to put that. Again, can anyone tell me what is going on?
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Re: Odd dreams?
Post # 2
don't know how to help Just wanted to say that seems like a cool fun dream.
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Re: Odd dreams?
Post # 3
It look like a mystical dreams. Hard to say about what it really means. Are you pagan? Or christian? Or atheist?
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Re: Odd dreams?
Post # 4

There's always a possibility that some can be "looking" out for you and contacting you by dreams. It's possible. It also could just be your subconscious working it's way through the day's events. It could also be something that you created while sleeping to feel safe and comfortable. We all have out "safe havens".

As for dreaming of the Aunt you never met, you could have happened to see a picture of her and thought she seemed like the comforting kind of soul and incorporated that into a dream. You may not remember seeing the picture as you were so young but that's all it takes and your mind gets hooked.

Dreams can mean different things to different people and to find the meaning of a dream, the person who is the dreamer would only be able to decipher it. What feelings you felt from the dream, what you felt was happening, etc..

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