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Post # 1
Hello, I have a wand already, I made it a while ago, and I use it constantly during my prayers to help focus my energy, and also because it is a good tool for a fire affixed individual, like me. I would like to know more about the staff, and what uses it can be used for instead of a wand. It would also be great if anyone could possibly try to explain a way that you have completed a staff. I thank you if you reply to this thread, but i understand if you don't. Have a wonderful day/night. Bye
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Re: Staff/Wand
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

A magik staff has many names; a spirit staff, a walking stick, a travelers weapon, a weary wanderers companion. It has been used as a carved record of ones long journey, a symbol of authority, a support for an exhausted traveler and a weapon. It's an extension of one's own arms and reach; as a pole to vault over creeks, ora deep ditch. Travelers used the staff to carry their traveling packs over one shoulder, or heavy loads across both their shoulders. It's been used to defend against attack, or even to gain an upper hand in a battle.

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Re: Staff/Wand
Post # 3
You can use a staff/wand to help you concentrate energy if you want to.
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Re: Staff/Wand
Post # 4
The staff is the witch's greatest tool. It is a companion when walking the land and gathering sprowl, and aiding in all efforts along that way. In ritualistic manner, the staff is a tool on conjuration, used to lay the compass round, aid the witch in crossing the hedge or taking the Sabbatic flight, and act as the Axis-Mundai, connecting the Upperworld, the Middleworld, and the Underworld. The staff very quickly becomes more than just a tool, but a trusted friend. It can be used to direct the flow of power, as well as halt it, and to summon up as well as put down spirits (often in conjunction with the magical knife). The staff is to the witch what the athame is to the Wiccan.
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