reality defying

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reality defying
Post # 1
I see a lot of talk on this site about how magick can't do this and can't do that and a lot of talk about what's possible and what isn't...

But in my years of using magic and interacting with spirits I've definitely seen a few things that I thought were impossible.

What are some of the most reality-defying experiences you've had?
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Re: reality defying
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Yes I have had strange encounters before. Not by spells or the use of magick. I do believe in spirits and have seen a few.
I once saw a man in a robe with bird wings. There was rays of light coming from his head. He looked ghostly like and appeared in my hallway. He just stood there, looking at me. Then he turned into a light blue orb and floated outside. When I chased him, he floated away into the sky with 2 other orbs of light.
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Re: reality defying
Post # 3
Yeah, I believe it. I've definitely seen some strange things happen with spirits. Here's an example of an encounter that seemed to defy physics:

A few years ago, a friend of mine moved into an old house with a restless spirit.
I was spending a lot if time over at this house so I had become aware if the presence too. Eventually we started trying to make contact. There was one moment that we went into the part of the house where the most activity took place and asked for a sign if anyone was listening.
Now this next part sounds crazy and I'm well aware of this but two other people saw this happen. As soon as we asked for a sign, glass beads started raining from the cieling.They looked similar to rosary beads or something like that. We looked all around to see where they were coming from but there was no explanation.
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Re: reality defying
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Because of some things that have happened to me (No, I do not care to share) I have a strong belief that there are spirits that can affect the physical world. I know some would disagree, but my own personal experience is as valuable to me as fact. So, I guess that counts as "reality defying" to some people, but to me, it's just a part of reality.

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Re: reality defying
Post # 5
Reality is very subjective
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Re: reality defying
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Another time. I attracted something extremely negative. At the time, I have to say, I was not a happy person. I was filled with sooo much envy and anger(not going to say from what).
Well then, while I was sleeping, I woke up hearing something crawling on my floor. I didn't want to look due to possibly being frightened(the last thing I wanted to do). I sleep with myself fully covered so there for I stayed still, listening to the noises. I know my room very well, so I saw what happened by listening.
The crawling noise sounded like a hand was thumping around, as if looking for something. It sounded like it had 8 leggs. So some kind of spider creature. It stopped when it bumped into my bed. I froze.
Then my sword necklace was swinging(it's hung up my wall).
Next my rosery beads(which was also on the wall) started to swing. Then it sounded like someone ripped it off the wall out of anger. Made me jump on the inside, because it was very close to me!
I had drawings on my walls, I found those on the floor the next morning. Even my posters. Stuff was moved around.
The only thing that wasn't on the ground from the wall was an old drawing of a demonic character(anime style) that represented warm colors.
I picked up everthing but the rosery beads.
The next night, I felt something pulling me. I ignored it, thinking that it was me dreaming. The pulling got more intense, then that's when I had a feeling that this isn't a dream. I made sure by pinching myself. I almost fell off my bed because of whatever was pulling my legs. I was so pissed and told that thing to go away, I'm tired. I was too tried to be surprised that it listened to me.
I don't know what was that thing's intention, all I know it wanted attention.

This is something my close minded friends won't believe.
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