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Post # 1
How does the rank system work. As seen on some profiles, it starts at beginner and stops at adept. (I think) how do I get to beginner then work my way up?

Re: "Ranks"
Post # 2
Ranks are distributed by those who are ranked knowledgeable and adept. You generally get a rank by not asking (as it can result in you being gagged), proving your knowledge, and otherwise being accepted as deserving of a rank.

Re: "Ranks"
Post # 3
As an example ~ answering questions correctly on forums and showing knowledge by posting correct informayion?

Re: "Ranks"
Post # 4
Yep. And posting knowledgeable articles and stuffs. :)

Re: "Ranks"
Post # 5

The ranks are:

  • Fluffy
  • Unranked
  • Beginner
  • Novice
  • Knowledgeable
  • Adept

Fluffy rank is only viewable to Knowledgeable and Adept. Adept was the original ranking used to rank all others and no member who was not ranked Adept by Pet at the beginning of this system will be ranked as Adept.

Knowledgeable and Adept ranked members see your threads, comments, and conversations and decide based upon your behavior, maturity, and words what rank they feel you would best be ranked at.

If you show yourself to have the knowledge, behavior, maturity, and willingness to learn that a Beginner would have, then you will soon find yourself with this ranking. But don't go around bothering people for a rank, this is a sure way to get ranked Fluffy or be unranked.

TLDR: Show yourself to be a Beginner by talking in public forums and chat and you will get that ranking.

Re: "Ranks"
Post # 6
Ladies and gentlemen, Neb takes the cake on explanation.

Re: "Ranks"
Post # 7
It also helps if you don't pester any of the current Mods or the Administrator about it and if you are always sure to follow the site rules. Also being kind and generally well-known around the place helps. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it too much. As long as I have been on this site, I have never had a rank, despite how much I've practiced in the forums, socialize, etc. I am just happy helping others out, that is why I am frequently posting in the forums and just being active in general from time to time.

Re: "Ranks"
Post # 8
A ranks a rank, it is not needed, but a desire. The ranking system shows the attributes of a person, and the knowledge they have given, or offered. Usually a ranking system is giving so you can have the availability to see What others of other ranks know, and ranks are given for improvement.

Some ranks I personally think should not be given. Some don't really know a lot, but write in ways that major seem so important. A rank is therefore not needed, but just wanted.

The ranks are; fluff,no rank, beginner, novice, knowledgable, and adept.

The ranks are to show the amount of information a person has showed, and knows. Usually the moderator 's have a knowledgeable or adept rank. And editors have novice or higher. Most of the time, in my views, when you have a rank, I find many listen to your insights more. Why? Because most ranks are not randomly given, there usually earned, or the computer automatically ranks them too.

I honestly suggest don't bother asking for one. Actually take the time to learn, and prove yourself. This not only makes the ranks that you earn, much sweeter but it shows your actually earn utmost of it.

Fluff; a fluff is a person who believes in non -existing things. So imagination or fantasy options. This rank is a lowest rank you can get.

Beginner: Shows sense of knowledge, and shows interests in learning. Tries to help out as best as can, and puts effort into helping. Knows basic concepts, or more.

Novice: Shows in-depth knowledge and greater understanding if basic information. Can relate and expand vocabulary and knowledge dealing with the pagan topics like astral travel, has earned it's place, and earned it rank by contributing and sharing various knowledge.

Knowledgeable: Shows the expressions of advanced dealings In the craft like trances, spirit work, and shows advanced knowledge in magical workings. Is usuallyhhelping frequently and provides a healthy aspect towards the community.

Adept: Shows the highest achieving rank. Shows knowledge of all the ranks, always contributing, has good sense of views, and working and usually aids in helping and running the site from non fluff.

Be aware, that ranks are ranks. It can take years to achieve one,and you can loose your rank at Any possible time. Once you have one, you can still go down or loose one too.

Good luck!

Re: "Ranks"
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9

The original poster has already left the site so further comments are unnecessary.

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