future of magic

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future of magic
Post # 1
i've been wondering what would happen in the future with humanity and magic. I want to see what everyone thinks. Say A at the beiginning of the answer for if magic expands to the rest of humanity. Or choose B if you think it will fade away as modern science progresses. I will tally the votes on sunday
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Re: future of magic
Post # 2
It's quite complex issue. I would say that "C" is correct. :-)
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Re: future of magic
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Magic does not "fade away as modern science progresses". Modern science IS magic; it always was! I am a witch; but witches can no longer produce the healing potions and salves to the same extent that we once did. We do not have the modern equipment for doing so!
The magic is still there, still practised. But, after two thousands years of being condemned most practitioners do not like the word "witch"; They are now Medical Researchers; Scientists.
Magic has progressed; knowledge has expanded. But the magic is still there for anybody to see, if they know what they are looking at. We are corresponding on the internet. Is THAT not magic?
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Re: future of magic
Post # 4
ok....after you just killed my discussion topic.... i believe that magic is science we cannot explain yet, so science is magic we just have reasons for how it works
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Re: future of magic
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Lol how dare you answer the question without 'a' or 'b' Brysing. Next you'll explain how magick isn't black or white. For shame.

D, it's an interesting topic, but magick isn't as simple as 'a' or 'b', 'black' or 'white', 'high' or 'low'. Magick can be defined many different ways. I see magick as a science, and in ancient times our ancestors who knew chamomile could cure a cold was called a witch and the tea became a health potion. Today, you can buy chamomile tea at any cafe and most who use chamomile instead of cough syrup is typically seen as 'hippies' or 'new age'.

Magick is also nature as well as energy. Someone could see the change of seasons as 'magickal' and those who cast spells know you much focus energy to cast a spell correctly.

As Time goes on and more advances in science happen, magick does not go away, it changes, our perspective and understanding grows. Perhaps science can tap into the energy casters use, or we discover weather spells are somehow possible, you never know. As it stands science comes from magick [I've read many scientists and doctors are pagan] so magick will never fade away.
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Re: future of magic
Post # 6
maybe magic and science will eventually mesh together and be considered the same thing
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