Truths And Reality

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Truths And Reality
Post # 1
I recently had a message saying that this person wanted to teleport into a tv, ect. When i told them, saying it's impossible they raged on me, saying it is real.I left it alone, now.

Anyways, my feelings need to be addressed. In a way i am starting to agree with others that many need to learn fluff, vs Reality.

It isn't meant to be rude, but i see some claiming to be wolfs, gods, vampires, heck even nymphs. When all these things are impossible to achieve.
There is one thing to say it would be nice to be one thing, species, but there is another to physically say that your doing the impossible.

So what is the reality? The thing you can hear, feel, see, sense, and
smell. What is fluff? Well my veiw is fluff is believing or stating the unrealistic veiw saying your a fairie,bird, god, ect.

You are a human, that's all you'll ever be. You can't say a spell and become a bird, it is impossible. You can change as a human, but you and only you can make those changes yourself.

Please those of you out there, really think of the truth. If something seems false, or to good to be true, it probably is.

Any veiws?
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Re: Truths And Reality
Post # 2
I'm in total agreement. If people want to learn true magick, they must be unmasked of fluff vs real magick first.
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Re: Truths And Reality
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
oh just let little kids dwell in their imagination you're only a kid once
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Re: Truths And Reality
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Kid or not they should learn the right ways of crafting and stop spreading the fluff that chokes the forum, the chat, and everyday live. It is a bad habit to get started in and only will lead to disappointment.
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