Herb or Tea?

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Forums -> Herbalism -> Herb or Tea?

Herb or Tea?
Post # 1
I was just curious if there was any herbs or teas that would aid in weight loss. Dieting and exercise are obviously helpful. I was just wondering if there was something more that would help in the realm of herbalism.
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Re: Herb or Tea?
Post # 2
I am not entirely sure, but i suggest looking in the herb section of our website.
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Re: Herb or Tea?
Post # 3
Thank you
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Re: Herb or Tea?
Post # 4
Green Tea.
Cleanse your system and makes you pee a lot. It's part of making your weight healthy.
Let's say you are 250 Lbs and you want to be at 200. You can drink drink like morning tea and evening tea...eventually you will be healthier. But drinking one cup of tea does not make you lose 50 lbs over night, 1 week, or 3 weeks or 1 month.

I read an article that an lady lost 20 lbs for her years of drinking tea.
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Re: Herb or Tea?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
You might want to look into talking with a professional working within the holistic medicine field - they can recommend comprehensive natural regimes to help you achieve personal health goals. Green tea is definitely a great start, as well as upping your water intake with a bit of lemon juice in there to flush out toxins and keep your system running smoothly. Herbs and spices that curb the appetite and/or improve the efficiency of metabolism and digestion are also recommended - fennel, ginger, and cayenne pepper are popular. Be careful with supplement pills claiming natural weight loss ingredients but don't carry FDA approval (or any other kind of national/international code of safety standard). Also, before beginning any kind of herbal regime, you want to make sure you understand how best to take it - some herbs require special handling or preparation, otherwise they could be rendered impotent, or toxic to your system. Be sure to check in with your physician/nutritionist to avoid deficiencies, toxicities, or any other kind of negative effect on your body.
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Re: Herb or Tea?
Post # 6
There are many herbs out there and more than just green tea that can help you lose weight. First, consider what would help you lose weight. Metabolism and energy boosters can help you have the drive and fat burning process needed to shred pounds with a healthy lifestyle. Using a tea to replace unhealthy drinks such as soda or energy drinks can reduce the amount of calories and trans fat you take in, which will lead to fewer pounds added on. Use herbs on seasoning when cooking to turn a bland, healthy meal into something appetizing instead of resorting to the unhealthy choices that so many people turn to these days.

In essence, the answer is yes, there are herbs that will help you lose weight. There is no miracle herb that will shred the pounds without help from you. Healthy decisions in what you put into your body is just as important if not more than making sure you stay active. Personally I like a peach, mango, green tea mix with a metabolism booster in it. It is healthy, flavorful, gives me energy, and doesn't have the downside of the "miracle drugs" that most pharmaceutical enthusiast try to push on people. I also use herbs good for the body (ones that help the heart and circulation as well as ones that help with digestion and mineral absorption) in my food which adds a tasty way to take a simple dish of a grilled chicken breast and side of veggies and adds that extra "umph" to the flavor to make it more desirable than that Big Mac or that Whopper down the street.
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