''But hurt no one''

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''But hurt no one''
Post # 1
Okay, I am the leader of a huge project in Uganda. I'm the owner as well. Last few months I've been balancing that with full-time job, studies and life. I've felt that I've been getting more and more depressed and the anxiety has basically been with me each day. I've lost all motivation to work with the project. I used to love it, it was my life.

But now I'm exhausted, I can't do it any more, I kinda feel that it's my turn to live a life. It's selfish, I know. But never had the chance to rebel, never had the chance to go out with friends etc... you get the point and all my life has been now is work.

And the thing... If I decide to move on with my life - There will be people hurt. And that hurts me so much. But I don't see another solution to it because I'm going to crash. But it feels like I'm breaking the wiccan rede big time and I will get it back more than 3 times.

When it comes to things like this, can I be selfish for once and live a life that I think I need?
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Re: ''But hurt no one''
Post # 2

It's not selfish because you do have a life! It's yours to do as you please!

I think the project in Uganda is a wonderful idea, and you have more than deserved a rest and to run your own life for a bit.

Life is about living. It's a celebration and should be celebrated as such!

You are not breaking the Wiccan rede. You have no bad intentions. All of your intentions have been good. You deserve time to focus on yourself and enjoy life.

The god and goddess will only be angry if you let your life waste away and do not enjoy it as the celebration it is.

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Re: ''But hurt no one''
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Hurting no one includes your SELF, and the reason it should BEGIN with yourself is because if you're not authentic about loving what you do, then it's going to show and come out in ways that you might not be able to manage.

So, maybe think of this patch of living your own life and finding yourself and doing something that you love as recharging your authentic love of the Uganda project...or even, giving somebody else who truly loves it, the position that they belong in but you currently occupy. You don't have to save the world all on your own. If you think you need it, you're probably right!
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