Perhaps I'm Just a Critic

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Perhaps I'm Just a Critic
Post # 1
I've been a vaguely practicing wiccan for almost 8 years now and while I'm clearly not perfect (being only nearing 20 years) I have noticed some things happen to be a complete croc on here.

I love that this is such a good website for wiccans/pagans/etc to communicate and share their spells and findings but do any of you feel that some of the spells posted are nonsense?

I have posted a total of ONE spell and it is one that I used and it has worked swimmingly (it was a lovers bond spell and I've been with the same man for almost a year and a half). I've just been wondering who on here has posted some of their spells that have been tested by them and worked? I want to attempt some new spells (and am currently writing some to test) so I can keep adding to my B.O.S.

Not to be an awfully rude critic to those of you who post sincere works of truth in their art, I am just trying to weed out those who's spells are works of fiction.

Much love and blessings,
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Re: Perhaps I'm Just a Critic
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Magic-especially spellwork-tends to be keyed to the caster. Spells often revolve around personal elements, which, when brough to the fore, help animate the caster's desire or purpose.

Because of their personal nature, shared spells can often flop as they do not hold the same values betweeen different practitioners.

And, of course, kinisis, elemental wielding, or physics-bending spells are inane, and ineffective by nature.
When regarding the spells on this site, wisdom must be used to sort the obscenely rediculous from the plausible, and rarely will one find a spell that fits into their own practice.

I advise you keep practicing, work your own spells, and whenever you seek the guidance of other's spells, to keep a firm hand on wisdom, and use it to filter the fantastic from the formidable.

Don't give up on your practice because of a few faulty spells. If it truely means as much to you as it does to those of us committed, pursue whatever route it may take you achieve your ends, and your studies.
Nobody ever said the road would be easy ;D
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Re: Perhaps I'm Just a Critic
Post # 3
That is quite true. I recently discussed this with another girl at my college that to truly cast an effective spell, one has to have their own, dedicated reasons. I am what I call a "kitchen witch" because I use different herbs around at my disposal but I meditate over WHY I am asking to be blessed with the working of my spell and if its truly what I want or just a whim. After that, I piece together everything, summoning all elements to bless my working and asking the god and goddess to also bless my spell. I hope that sounds as logical as it feels for me haha. Its such a mindset and focusing of energy and passion for me.
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