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Soo I guess I could say about 4 to 5 months ago ... I was a very negative and lonely person . It was before my discovery of witchcraft and my true calling to it , but I remember I would go out at night every night and pray to tha gods and goddesses to bring me someone who I can love and cherish , and would love me back tha same ... In that contex I was talking mostly about a lover , but I was happy with whatever they sent me I just didn't want to be alone anymore . And one night this stray cat came to me ... At first I was terrified of tha cat because I'm use to breeding dogs so I never really considered a cat , but every night when I would have a lonely spell and cry tha cat would come to me and keep me company . This happened for about 2 weeks . I started to get comfortable knowing that tha cat came to me when I needed strength and felt like giving up . My family didn't really give in to tha cat till about 3 months ago actually , my mom hates animals Lol . But Tha more and more tha cat cane around and spent time with me tha more better i felt . I also realized me and tha cat had almost like a telepathic connection , it scared me too but then it was kind of cool so I got use to it . Like I would call my cat in my mind and it would look up at me and meow . Now its going on tha 5th month and my family absolutely loves her and we occasionally let her in tha house and we feed her and now I named her Platnium :) .... My point to this thread is , do you guys think that maybe in my own subconscious mind I called a familiar to me ? Or can this be my spirit animal by chance ? I've been questioning this for awhile and when witchcraft came into mind it made more sense but I didn't have to do a spell or anything to summon her so that's why iam very confused right now .... Please if anybody could help id greatly appreciate it :)
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