Broom Closet (coming out)

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Broom Closet (coming out)
Post # 1
Ok so I've grown up in a Christian family and I'm tired of hiding that I'm wiccan.
I have studied the religion for 2 years. I want to tell my parents. But I have a problem my mother is very strict she thinks all witchcraft is satanic. And no matter how many times I discuss what witches believe she won't hear it. Also she wouldn't let me watch Harry potter or read the books because of "witchcraft" until about a few months ago. I'm afraid if I come out she will think it's because Harry Potter or something like that even though Harry Potter doesn't have very much to do with actual witchcraft. She told me before she loves me no matter what. But one time I was like ooh I want to go to the celestial shop( a witchcraft store we saw in Florida on vacation) acting all innocent and she said you don't want to be near people like that. And all I could think is (but I am one of those people) I don't know if she will ever buy me the things I want for witchcraft. But technically I don't really need anything to practice witchcraft. I might need a spell to make them more maybe willing. ~ blessed be
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Re: Broom Closet (coming out)
Post # 2
i totally understand how its feels like... even my mother doesn't let me watch harry potter and anything which is related to magic ! not even wizards of waverly place :p ! and recently she came to know about my witchy study and wow now im not even allowed to use words like ghost, spirits, magic,witch, wizards etc :p
i dont get it why she thinks all witches are bad...
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Re: Broom Closet (coming out)
Post # 3
I'm sorry. But people's outlook on life is why they aren't always happy. I think I would be fine if they didn't accept me I'm happy being a witch and that's all the matters.
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Re: Broom Closet (coming out)
Post # 4
I know how you feel. My parents are Christian and think witchcraft is a one way ticket to Hell. It may take a while for them to accept your religion but they eventually will.
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Re: Broom Closet (coming out)
Post # 5
I know the feeling. My mom is the same way. Christian, all magick is evil, etc. When I started buying myself magickal items, I was so excited. I had gotten a pentacle, and I thought it was sooooo pretty, I showed it to her, asking her if she thought it was pretty. First remark out of her snobby mouth was "Isn't that what satanists use?" I explained to her at least six different times, SATANism is what satanists practice. I'm a Pagan, we are nothing alike. I explained to her, after she realized I was fully converted, that what I do isn't much different than what she does. I pray and I do my little rituals, just like she does. She was more willing to accept the fact I've grown, so I can choose my path. I may wait until you're mother sees you're no longer a child. I'm not sure how old you are, but all mothers are different, too. She seems like she would be like my mother. You just need to find a way of convincing her that you're Wiccan and that it isn't much different than her religion.

This is my suggestion: If she takes you to church, do what Wiccans do. Pray. All religions are the same, when it comes down to what is done. Gods and Goddesses change, but everyone does the same thing. Everyone prays. Everyone has their own ritual that gets done before prayer. Christians obviously anoint themselves with holy water while making the sign of the cross. I wake up every morning, shower, and pray to the higher beings for positive energy and for peace throughout the day. So, simply, my suggestion would to be use what you already have. When the time feels right to you, tell her. You don't want to force anything. If I know Christian parents, and trust me, I do, it's that they don't like change. More specifically, they don't like when their baby that they raised on their beliefs finds their own path to follow instead of the parent's path. Just wait it out. Time and the fates will tell you when you are ready to fly out of the broom closet.

I hope this helps!

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Re: Broom Closet (coming out)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
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Re: Broom Closet (coming out)
Post # 7
I'm sorry to hear about this,if it makes you feel better,you're not alone(only my family aren't Christian),if you really want to tell them,here are some tips for you:

*Talk to your parents when they are calm and in a good mood,this way they will listen to you better

*Tell them about the various Wiccan symbols and deities you worship,explain in detail,so that they understand better,especially the pentagram

*Tell them that you will still worship the Christian God and read the bible and books on the various types of wicca,also tell them that you are making an altar in your room,describe this in detail

*Use your own money to buy supplies you need

*Be calm when talking to them

*Tell them about Merlin,they will know about him and it could make your mom think otherwise

*Remember they may say no,its not the end of the world,try again

*Explain the wiccan holidays and tell them what rituals you plan to do on those days

*Talk to them about the ThreeFold Law,hopefully they will understand after this

Best of luck,mail me if you need anymore help:)

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Re: Broom Closet (coming out)
Post # 8
I so understand What you mean, but to be honest I wouldn't risk it. If however you understand and you still want to, here our some options.

I too have been in this place, and in a way I still am. I started Wicca at age 10, I am now a teenager and even now only my parents know, bit by bit all followers our coming out but....if you do come out and tell people your first job is, explaining What you do, why, and What it is.

I first found my religion in a school. My family is Christian Mennonite and there not the most kindest people. There nice, and do loaD's if things, my whole family even travels and is living in a cputty to help build schools in India. But truth is, there nice bit still think Christianity is the right way. I first read a book and got a feeling for it, I always felt like I was missing something and I was, so I found Wicca. I went to a private school and they said that a the Bible said we couldn't be a witch. I argued and nothing happened, I got more info and I told my dad 5 months later. They yelled saying I was a sin, and I sat there calmly sh owe information them books.

It's four years later and I am Now a Happy witch! They don't let me burn incense or candles unless it's Christmas, and I still celebrated the same holidays I grew up with, but I also follow my own and there Happy. When I wasnt Wiccan I felt like I shouldn't do much but please my parents, when I became Wiccan I actually realized alot.

My family isn't Happy but they let let have my religion, saying we should all be allowed to follow What we want. Now sorry for the veiw I suggest The following things.

*buy your own tools, or get them from nature( you don't need tools, there not needed they just help more)

* think about why you want to tell your parents! Are you fully aware of What may happen?

* tell them slowly

Don't blast out saying you do spells, just don't. It will make together Eveturning worse! Instead tell them What you like, and why. Is it the God's? Or equality? Tell them! Say you learn to accept responsibilty, extension.

Anyways remember there reaction will be probably bad. Just think and explain, good luck.
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Re: Broom Closet (coming out)
Post # 9
Sorry for some of the errors, it's auto-correct.
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