I'm confused

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I'm confused
Post # 1
I know I have powers, but I can't control them. My powers don't work to my command, and when I try to cast spells, they don't work. I've been studying magic and all sorts of stuff since the beginning of summer, and I've seen no results. These spells have not worked, yet at the same time it seems like spells I have not cast have acted.
Am I doing something wrong?
Help me!
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Re: I'm confused
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: I'm confused
Post # 3
I think if you study for another nine months or so, you will find you spells will begin to work, granted they were created using common sense and logic. Learn about all of the basics and find/use them, more efficiently if possible, in your everyday life.Do not rush this process for that will only prolong it. There are many posts here about the basics, bit I assume the one labeled 'basics expanded' is the best one. Hope I helped :D
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Re: I'm confused
Post # 4
What powers? Are you referencing that as abilities? Are you talking about spells?

If you are referring to things towards the lines of being a psychic or medium then it is a matter of learning more about such. If you had so called "powers", I would imagine you would be able to control them; however, you may not know much about or understand them.

In the way you are describing powers then that is not a spell. A spell, along with other magical workings, is a way or power of influence. This way of influence is something that everyone has the capability of. This does take time, dedication, and patience; however, not all magical workings may follow the same course. Magic comes in many ways and is performed differently among cultures and individuals.

My best advice for you would be to be patient and keep trying your best. Learn as much as you can. Not every spell will work and it could be a while until you successfully cast a spell. You could look into other methods such as directed prayers? Many things may fail if you try too hard and over think it or if you just put too little effort into it and it falls apart.

The effects of spells may happen but it might not be in a way you expected. This can happen due to not being very descriptive with your intentions. Plus nature works in ways beyond our understandings. Maybe your spells never worked because it was not something you needed. It could of been something you wanted and nature knew that. It may of been because you kept begging for it by contiousily doing the spell. I do believe all those things can affect the outcome of a spell. What do you think?

You may not be doing anything wrong either. I would recommend that you look at all the possibilities that could go into affect with such.

"These spells have not worked, yet at the same time it seems like spells I have not cast have acted" - Can you explain this a bit better?
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Re: I'm confused
Post # 5
Well, I have always had really bad luck, and things always went wrong. But by the end of summer I was suddenly really lucky. The specific spells I had cast hadn't been effective but my luck skyrocketed. But I do have much to learn. Thanks for your replies!
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