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Post # 1
True nam everyone, id love to share my experience with my kundalini yoga practices lately. Im sure youve heard mention it alot, and probably sick of it but i love to show you why im soo vcrazy about it.

First off Kundalini yoga is a different branch of yoga that deals with the basis of the life force aka prana.
A Fast Path - "In Your Face" Yoga

In the yogic scriptures it is said that Kundalini yoga is 16 times more powerful than Hatha yoga. On the one hand, that seems to be good news. The Catch 22 is-- How do we make such quick progress? We are confronted with our issues 16 times faster! Kundalini yoga is "In your face yoga." Spirituality can be a rough ride. A lot of things get better and some things certainly seem to get worse! No spiritual journey is a free lunch. We are obliged to deal with our issues in order to set ourselves free.

I agree, ive done other styles and they are effective but hard to continue honestly. Then i learned about kundalini yoga and fell in love with regardless of its intensity, and difficulty. Kundalini Yoga is the quickest, powerful and effective method ive found for growing up.

So the past few months i had hit a low point. I had been become apathic after many months of attempting to move on from a traumatic experience. Yes yoga helped in ways i couldn't believe, but it effects went null mainly because i couldbt keep even 1 sadhana. Sadhana is a continuous practice usually 40 days of a spiritual practice, if not done the effects tend to disspitate. I was losing myself deeper and deeper not feeling like a part of what i had so proudly preached. So just a few days ago I began to look for more advanced practices to help me, which i came across the shabad (prayer) Re man eh bidh jog kamao, which is one of the highest shabads in my opinion. Its effects in a nutshell were to rise you up to a golden buddha and perfect mental health. I followed the instructions and tried just to see how great it really was, and bam to my surprise I was awakened. Before i had wondered what enlightenment was and if i was after all this spirituality and for the 1st time I felt awake. I felt myself, who i was and had a connection to the divine it was truly an awakening and realized a few thibgs about myself which i commit to practice and grow from them. Although the effects wore off because i didnt continue and needed other things balanced before that could be kept on going. That was my fist enlightenment moment, and recommend it.

The past few days I had been trying to master submitting to the divine. I wanted to have faith, and let myself be give up control etc. I had found alot of this is rooted in the lower triangle aka lower 3 chakras. I worked a powerful kriya for those 3 for awhile, but gave up again. I wanted more results, and that wasnt cutting it for me. It wasnt until i read about the need for control and its connection to smothering people is rooted to the solar plexus so i started the kriya again. I have that thing i need to over love, but wouldnt receive love so I went bam into it. As always results werent enough, until i thought "this is a tough kriya maybe im doing it wrong. So i did i re-did it the way its instructed to. Originally i only did it like halfway because its allowed to if its too hard. Bam, now i got what i needed to feel. I began to heal my 3rd chakra and its associated organs. One which is associated with the need to control the outcome. I had realized i always try to control so much that i dont let my g-d take over and take care of me so i let go and wooof the enlightenment returned. So much of me let go of unnecessary fear and began to feel loved and cared for and my loneliness dispelled.

If you want a fast track to enlightenment, spiritual growth and amazing life tools try kundalini yoga. It definitely is not the only way to get their but definitely helps.

Side note: sorry to everyone who leaves comments and i dont reply x.x im sorry, im soo busy i rarely have time to come back and check for them. I jonly come back to reply to email, so message me if you have questions. And i know i was writing a series but like i said time and laziness get to me, im only human :(

True nam (true identity, yes i changed sat to the translation for a reason which i can explain at another time sorry)
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Re: Enlightenment
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
This is not the first time you have posted your beliefs.Please don't keep doing it. Once is enough. Not everybody is interested in your type of Yoga.
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Re: Enlightenment
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from General Info.
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Re: Enlightenment
Post # 4
Wait wait all i did was share my experience and said why its nice to me, and shared different facets to it. How is that wrong?
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Re: Enlightenment
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Okay, let me explain it better, if I can. This is what your post should look like:-
"I practise Kundalini Yoga, and it has helped me a lot.If you want to know more about this type of Yoga, mail me."
That says everything anyone would want to know!
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Re: Enlightenment
Post # 6
I did in the bottom didnt i? I said anyone with questions message me. But im not tryin to teach it btw, yoga is something serious and i am not qualified to teach or give serious advice about it just recommend it. So what can i say in that instance?
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Re: Enlightenment
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 7
Then recommend it! Don't write long elaborate posts about it!
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