sweeting spells help

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sweeting spells help
Post # 1
hi all. just wanting some guidance. theres a guy who happens to be in the same social scene as me and well we pretty much both wanna ring each others neck... thing is said persons been trying to cause some trouble for me and cos he has more pull as per se in this social scene its making things a bit unbearable for me... so I was wanting to do a sweetening spell on this person to make things a little bit eaiser to deal with and hopfully said person if he has less ill feeling towards me will stop causing problems for me... what kind of sweetning spell would be good for this? this is not for love or friendship thanks.
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Re: sweeting spells help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Easing Tension - Unraveling Strands

Start with ribbons are the imagery of them or something like them tightly woven to the point that it stresses the material. One strand represents you and the other represents the other person. Think of the things that cause the tension between the two as you unravel the strands. As you are doing this, feel the causes dissipate into feelings of calmness, positivity, and general peace keeping. Back it up with keeping the peace on your end and/or possibly solving the causes of tension in a mundane manner .

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Re: sweeting spells help
Post # 3
I don't think you need any much spell as regard that but any which ways I believe you get help on here. You will be responded to very soon.
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Re: sweeting spells help
Post # 4
thanks for help. the causes of the of the problems are the other person just generally being a nasty person and making out im lieing about things that my ex did to me and just basically putting a bad word on me to others. I do not like this person but I can beat him so im just trying the other meathod of trying to sweeten his ill feelings towards me so hopfully his nasty lieing behaviour will stop.
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Re: sweeting spells help
Post # 5
you could consider doing a honey jar sweetening spell.
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