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shadow magic
Post # 1
what exactly is shadow magic, I stumbled upon it by accident, and I wish to know what it is
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Re: shadow magic
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Okay, well, breaking magic into colours or shades isn't something I do often, except when trying to explain my path to someone else, too keep things organized really.

For example, I call myself a Solitary Eclectic Grey Witch (long title, I know) But I say that so other people know what I practice.

For shadow magic, you might be reffering to "black magic." And black magic isn't necsisarily a bad thing. It is often times considered magic that affects another's free will. It is a little dangerous and takes a well trained hand to do. It is often associated with doing something to curse or hurt another, but it isn't always like that.

You might also be referring to magic that deals with what some would call the "other side." Communicating with spirits and other entities.

I hope that was helpful!

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Re: shadow magic
Post # 3
My friend practices what she calls shadow magick. The way she explains it is basically there are spirits and energies that exist between realms. When an object blocks a light source a shadow is created. That shadow becomes a weakening in the veil between realms. So she purposely creates patterns using shadows to allow the energies she wants to get through.

The one thing she always cautions on is do not practice this unless you are well practiced on energy manipulation and banishing. Not all spirits are nice and you want to only let through what you want. If anything bad gets through, you need to be able to send it back.

I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, let me know and I can ask my friend for you. :)
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Re: shadow magic
Post # 4
I have never really heard or learned much about shadow magick, but I have never head of it outside of videogames.
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Re: shadow magic
Post # 5
Shadow magic? ha... its rather interesting. If u want a different view, try to see it like this : most of the spirits around you are shadows. They are that thing that trembles in the dark. Shadow magic actually uses the very essence and energy of the spirits to give the caster power to achieve what he/she desires. But beware of the spirits and their number, if they are too many or if they mean harm u will end up being ruled by them, loosing control of your mind and body, and u will become a "shade". take care and enjoy. Any other questions u know where to find me
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