Overcoming a curse

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Overcoming a curse

Overcoming a curse
Post # 1
I have a friend who I know is being held in a relationship by magic. My friend doesn't necessarily believe in magic and thinks their partner is a "good" person so they keep looking for logical explanations to what's happening. Is there some type of spell I can perform to unbind or remove the curse? I cannot physically go to the house but I think I know what is being used to feed the spell. Please help!!
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Re: Overcoming a curse
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Spells don't hold people against their free will and it sounds more like you want to make the person see what kind of person their partner is and there are plenty of spells for that.

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Re: Overcoming a curse
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Overcoming a curse
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
How do you know it's a curse? Maybe your friend is just naive and young? My sister was in love with a guy who wasn't nice at all. He never did magick, didn't believe in magick, he just knew what to say to make her come back. I wish i could say she saw sense, but eventually he left her. She's older and wiser now, but at the time, you're 17 and think it's love.

as Essy said, magick doesn't work that way. A love spell makes a person want to be with the caster, but subconsciously they are fighting against the spell. If the person is a "bad" person, you're friend would of broken free long ago. Curses also don't work this way. They bring misfortune, they do not cause the person to blindly obey. Bindings are a third option, but these spells do not cause the person to love the caster, it causes the two to share a connection so they will keep bumping into each other. Hence Handfastings when you wish to marry.

Talk to your friend, but you should be there for her. Sometimes being told some one is bad causes the person to take a "I'll show you" attitude and stick with them much longer than they would like.
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Re: Overcoming a curse
Post # 5
Best advice is that you write your own spell if you want to do something about it. Self made spells are the ones that work the best and you must practice anyway.
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Re: Overcoming a curse
Post # 6
e is a spell on this site which I have had experience with : "love and chaos" I can assure you it will result in the braking up of the couple
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