HigherSelf in Lucid Dream

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> HigherSelf in Lucid Dream

HigherSelf in Lucid Dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
How do I know it's not made up by my mind? It was different from all of the other dreams. This one, I felt everything. The wind blowing, the birds chirping, I touched the ground, I could smell the flowers, everything was beautiful and had a glow to it.
The sky was dark, full of sparkling stars. I was walking down my street and saw a lady in a white, loose toga. She looked almost like me, except, she looked more Asian/Native American. Her skin was a light tan that glowed close to golden yellow. Her hair was black and silky. Her eye's were brown has a perfect face. Her hair moved as if she were to be underwater(but wasn't). She was waiting for me by a tree, it wasn't far. I asked her, "Are you my higher self?"
She said, "Yes."
I asked if I was allowed to ask more questions about her. She said I needed permission from...I forget who. Then she said I have to meditate and something about chakras. I think she said something about balancing them.
Then something about my roots being Japanese. Then she mentioned the word 'Okami'(Jap. word for wolf). Then vanished.
I'm not asking for a dream interpretation, just wanted to know if lucid dreaming is a reliable way of contacting not only your higher self, but other unseen forces/beings.
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Re: HigherSelf in Lucid Dream
Post # 2
This sounds a lot more than a lucid dream. I feel like this was a special dream.
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Re: HigherSelf in Lucid Dream
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
It was certainly different, it almost didn't feel like a dream.
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Re: HigherSelf in Lucid Dream
Post # 4

My dear, in situations when one isn't sure whether something was real or not, we need to look at how we felt. Look inside and be honest with yourself, reflect and ask yourself how you felt. If you felt like it was really happening and if you had a major rush of energy, something which hasn't been felt before and you honestly felt like this was true, then it probably was. If you felt odd or you weren't comfortable or even if you were normal, it can just be a lucid dream. Look into your heart and ask it which it was :)

And another thing, lucid dreaming, much like astral projection, or OBEs place one in other realm, a spiritual dimension, the astral plane for lack of a more encompassing word. So it does happen, just because it happens somewhere else from this realm or this reality doesn't mean it didn't happen :)

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Re: HigherSelf in Lucid Dream
Post # 5
I think lucid dreaming is more 'controlled dreaming' where you can control the events in the dream. It almost sounds like you were AP'ing
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