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Post # 1
I am sorry I have not ever even interacted with any of this before, I need to know if this stuff actually even works. I am not trying to be rude or anything but I've hit rock bottom but i feel like I could get some help from this. Please assure me that this is not all a sham.
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Re: Skepticism
Post # 2

It's not a sham, but it's not what you think either. Magic is not like in Harry Potter. So please do even ask about that. No you can't turn into any supernatural creature and No you can't do anything that messes with your dna simply because it is impossible.

If you want to expand your knowledge and begin, you can check out the forums. Search for Basics in the forums search bar. Studying, research and practice is what it takes. And it takes many many many years.

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Re: Skepticism
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
If what stuff actually works? What do you mean by "all this stuff"?
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Re: Skepticism
Post # 4
It's a question of what works for you really, if you wanted magik could really enrich your way of life.

It certainly did for me, not in the sense that I have witnessed actual magik working, I am not at such a level to know.

However the magik you feel inside you is what counts the most, that is, what will make you feel happy regardless of whether "this stuff works".

Take time to study and enjoy it too, it can be a lot of fun. Again as the others have said have a look at the articles and the newbie section as this will help you a lot.

Also I highly recommend talking to Brysing in a bit more depth (that is of you don't mind my saying so Brysing), if there is anyone on this site who knows there stuff when It comes to getting to grips with magik it is him ;)
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Re: Skepticism
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Oh,I'm not the only one! All the Mods, and many with a lot of knowledge, know and understand. Convincing other members,especially the young, that is what is difficult! Mainly because it is just about impossible to teach on-line.Which is why Mods don't even attempt it! Magic really cannot be learnt by only reading about it. Magic has to be shown to work. Just saying it works is not enough.
So, the Mods will give advice. They will try to answer questions.
But actual teaching; well, the Mods will shy away from that!
I have tried to explain what magic is, on other posts, as simply as I can. And almost invariably the reaction from members is, "Can it really be that simple?"
I'm not talking about spells here! I'm talking about magic.Not quite the same thing.
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Re: Skepticism
Post # 6
If spells actually works? Do not ask people. :-)
Try to ask some higher being. :-)
But be careful that it does not look like as in the following example from an old movie.

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