Another ice age?

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Another ice age?
Post # 1
Do you think there will be another ice age?

With the climate change and the early snow in some places,some people think there will be another ice age,what do you think?

and do you think humans would survive another ice age?
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Re: Another ice age?
Post # 2

It is always possible. Ice ages have happened throughout Earth's history.

The reason why North America is experiencing abnormal temperatures and weather for this time of year is because of a hurricane named "Bering Bomb" or something close to thatwhich has caused some of thearctic airfrom some type of stream that goes to the North Pole to go in a new direction towards the rest of the North American continent. The arctic air which the North Pole should receive is coming down instead.

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Re: Another ice age?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
In actual fact, according to the latest scientific survey, the present time is the end of an ice age; the planet is warming.So there will be extreme weather conditions for quite some time.But, in all probability, the planet will start to enter another ice age. It has all happened before, and will no doubt happen again.
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Re: Another ice age?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Maybe, it's possible. I love the cold so I wouldn't mind. Beats the extreme heat.

I think this question is similar to the first. The earth heats and cools for many reasons. What we are feeling right now is the result of global warming. Perhaps the extremes will reach a point that we will be boiling hot and suddenly freezing cold causing an ice age, but I don't think it will be any time soon. Plus side for me I've ran dog sleds so I can still get around lol.

Yes, but we would probably loose a lot of people because they cannot function without the internet lol. Food would be less, so we would need to adapt. Otherwise, I think we would survive. Maybe not everyone, but a good percentage would.
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