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Tarot Cards
Post # 1
Ok so, I just did a weekly tarot reading for myself and here is what came up. I'd like to know what this means please. I'm not very good at interpreting the cards and stuff since I got them yesterday.

Day#1: Ace of Cups
Day#2: The Three of Cups
Day#3: The Moon
Day#4: The Star
Day#5: The Tower
Day#6: The Devil
Day#7: King of Wands

P.S I'm using the Rider-waite Tarot Deck. :)
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Re: Tarot Cards
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Tarot cards can have vague meanings, which is why I prefer to use them as a bridge to my own intuition. That means that I do a reading first and then allow what actually happens to define the meaning. So, the Death card in the Shadowscapes deck means to me a physical affliction such as hypertension, fever, or flu. The Death card in a dream tarot deck that I forgot the name of and never read again, meant a literal death. This can be different for another reader.

Aces: potential or a hint of something more. Ace of cups indicates affection or a flash of intuitive insight.
Three of Cups: A party.
The Moon: Loss of clarity for the whole day.
The Star: Ambition or aspiration.
The Tower: Something taken for granted, is taken away.
The Devil: You shouldn't do a thing, but you just really really really want to. So you do the thing, and find out in two weeks why you should not have done the thing.
King of Wands: An annoying mischievous or obnoxious person does or says something that inspires you. Or maybe one or the other, not both.
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Re: Tarot Cards
Post # 3
Brilliant, Thank you. I also put a picture of the tarot spread in my gallery, don't if it's open to everyone, although when the devil card came up, i kinda freaked out a little. Thanks a lot!
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Re: Tarot Cards
Post # 4

If you are a beginner in tarot this books are good for you:

Tarot for beginners-Barbara Moore

Divination for beginners-Scott Cunnigham

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Re: Tarot Cards
Post # 5
Here is a good online resource:
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