money spells

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money spells
Post # 1
Okay here's the deal, i want to buy a new alto sax $300, my parents wont let me get a job, and they dont gimme pocket money. Can anyone suggest a spell that would just make people i know give me money. Preferably without candles or herbs, you cant get those stuff where i am. Thanx
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Re: money spells
Post # 2
This is a personal desire, those type of spells never work out the way you want them to.. so many unseen variables, and for money of all things... that's like selling yourself to acquire what you desire.

Things like this come down to patience and understanding of the natural order, when the time is right, and if you believe enough in the gifts which the universe can give.... you will acquire your object.. but only when it is time to be given, and when it is given... you will understand why it is given.

Theres a saying, Nom yo ho renge kyo, if you ask the universe for your sax... NOT, the money, sorry caps, it may come to you, again....patience.

have compassion for the system, and it will work for you

give in, and so shall you receive in return
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Re: money spells
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

One of the easiest spells for money that I know is this - Anytime you see some money on the ground, even the smallest coin, step on it while saying " Money on the floor, money in my door ". Pick the coin up then and put it on your altar or private space while visualizing it drawing money to you. This generally does not get you all the money at once, but over time it can bring it to you.

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Re: money spells
Post # 4
thoseofcraft i dont quite understand. are you saying that there is a way that i could get the sax directly, if you are tell me how, if not, please explain what you mean.
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