Im new to all of this.

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Forums -> General Info -> Im new to all of this.

Im new to all of this.
Post # 1
Hey everyone. I'm brand spanking new to all of this magick stuff. Just from "magick stuff" you can probably tell I'm going to be such an annoying newbie. I basically need someone to explain...well absolutely everything! Haha
I'll start by asking the main questions I need to know -

Whats the main dangers of magick spells and how can you keep yourself safe?

Would you recommend creating your own spells or starting by using others first?

What spells do you recommend for beginners?

What ehh is magick?

I actually came her by watching American Horror Story: Coven, I obviously know it's probably nothing like that but what is it like?

Are witches born as witches or do people 'become' witches?

Thanks guys.
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Re: Im new to all of this.
Post # 2
I can recommend a couple of things to you. I'm not that experienced either, but I've been doing a lot of research. But don't take my opinion as though I'm very knowledgeable because I've a lot to learn.

A lot of things you don't believe in can't really hurt you. As long as you let negative energy roll off your shoulders, I think it's all good. Cleanse your mind and think positive :)

Just start with the basics first, read books or articles. Make sure they seem plausible, though! (Obviously if something is telling you you can become a mermaid or fly, then don't take it seriously.)

I would recommend using other peoples' spells first, but that's just me. As you get a feel for what spells are like then maybe you can try your own if you want :)

For beginners, you can try meditating and grounding yourself. This makes it easier to cast spells. I don't really know where would be a good place to start, maybe do exercises to sense auras? Get a feel for the energy flowing in and around you, and learn about visualization.

Magic is an energy that's subtle and works with nature, not against it.

As for being in a coven; I haven't been in one but they're usually groups of people learning from each other in different paths.

For that, it's your definition of witch. Some people can be raised pagan or Wiccan, by their parents. Others adopt these paths as they grow. So it goes either way. If you're wondering whether people are born with magical ability or not, I think everyone possesses magical ability to some extent.

I hope I helped answer your questions! Have fun on this site!
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Re: Im new to all of this.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Well, if you're serious about learning how to do magic and with starting from the rock-bottom then you don't start out by casting spells, you start out by learning how and why magic works.

You see, there is no such thing as an "easy" spell or a "beginner" spell. One either understands how magic works and has mastered the which case the magic will work..or you haven't done that sort of work..and no spell will work no matter how "easy" it seems.

Casting a successful spell involves much more than finding some spell on the internet or in a book, saying some words, lighting a candle, waving a wand of any of that sort of thing. In order for magic to work you need to understand how and why it works in the first place. Grounding and centering, visualization, focus and intent, energy manipulation, etc are all necessary first steps to even begin to have a chance at a spell actually working...and more importantly to prevent a spell from back-firing on you.

So, my advice for anyone who is truly serious is to start by reading a few books and practicing the exercises those books will give you. Once you have mastered the basics you won't need anyone to give you spells, you'll be able to create your own spells that will be far more effective than anything you find on the net. Here's the books I suggest:

"Before You Cast a Spell" by Carl McColman

"Spells and How They Work" by Janet and Stewart Farrar

"The Veil's Edge" by Willow Polson

"Modern Magick" by Donald Michael Kraig

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Re: Im new to all of this.
Post # 4
Thank you both for helping :) I'll make sure to do my thorough research.
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