My List of Basics

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My List of Basics
Post # 1

My List of Basics:

I have decided to write my small list of basics and the steps, I believe, are needed when trying to achieve success and full understanding of a topic. Especially topics revolving around areas in the occult. I wish to expand the different steps in the future. This is just a fun little thing I wrote to pass the time.

  1. Research : Research is a vital element when learning anything! Magic and occult things included. When wanting to learn and understand something, you must do research. This is pretty basic and self-explanatory. This includes asking questions, looking at different stuff, and getting to know the topic you are looking in to. Research is not done by asking questions constantly. It requires independent searches as well! Questions do help with understanding if you look into the topic. They do help prevent confusion unless it is an opinion-based question. Research is key and sets the first step in success. Research allows you to practice.
  2. Practice: Practice what you have researched. See what works for you and what does not. Discover truth! Not everything you research will be right or entirely accurate. It is up to you to test such things. Without practice, the research has been wasted as you won't fully understand the subject matter from a personal perspective. Practice is the second step to success. Practice allows you to experience.
  3. Experience: As you practice, you shall gain experience. Experience gives you a more sense of your studies and allows you to understand it better. It is how you can describe what works for you and what doesn't. Experience allows you to explain your practice in more of a personal sense. It allows you to see through your own eyes. Without experience, you do not know anything at all! You just know the words of others. You do not fully understand such concepts. Experience is the third step in success. Experience allows you to learn.
  4. Learn: This is pretty much self-explanatory as well. Once you have done your research, practice what you have research, and gain experience on what you have practice then you learn. This is where the big questions come into action. "Was I successful?" "What happened?" "What did I do wrong?". Your research, practice, and experience allows you to answer these questions and you have learned! Amazing! Learning is the fourth and final step to success. Learning allows you to be successful.
  5. Success: Congratulations! You have made it to the top! Well done! You now fully understood your topic. Everything you have done has lead you up to here. You should feel proud! Success teaches you the importance of doing the four steps I provided. It shows how much you have improved and experienced. You now understand and have achieved your goal!
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Re: My List of Basics
Post # 2

Side Note : There will be various topics you cannot master. If I do not sound humble, please excuse that. LOL

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Re: My List of Basics
Post # 3
Thank you this helped me a lot!! I didnt really know what to do after my research so thank you so much
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Re: My List of Basics
Post # 4

I don't reallysee this as a list of basics at all, more a guide to learning skills. Nice effort though for a newbie :D

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