Most powerful luck spell?

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Most powerful luck spell?
Post # 1
My luck's been completely off lately... For once, I just want things to go right tomorrow. Can someone please help me?
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Re: Most powerful luck spell?
Post # 2
Heres a sikh mantra for such need that i use. Yogi bhajan said ?this is the base mantra of all mantras. You must perfect it before all others. Before the mantra, adversity cannot stand. It gives you power of communication. It is to conquer the wisdom of the past, present and future. It will bring prosperity to those who do not know how to spell it. It will bring you good luck when you have done nothing good".
Mantra is here with explanation and translation

Mantras are different than spells becuase they work to reprogram you energetically that eventually you become that vibration. The mantra is in gurmukhi and suggestion listeing to it on youtube, their are many songs of it but my fave is mirabia ceibas version.

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Re: Most powerful luck spell?
Post # 3
There are two points I would like to make that might help you. The first point is one of the blind perspective. Instead of seeing your latest circumstances as "bad luck", suppose for a moment the possibility that the universeis working on a grand plan where these "unlucky" times are needed to get you to a wonderful place that you can't even think about with your limited prospective of the total situation.

Second point is a general rule of thumb for almost all magical workings: The most powerful spells are those you create yourself and put the most energy into. Go all outon correspondences, pick your own herbs and explain to the live plants your goal and intensions, plan your spell out and think about all the details of it throughout theday(s) and focus on literally feelingyourself build up power and being more and more charged and then when the spell is done, feel the release of all of that stored upenergy surging out of you to go do your work.

Good luck and I hoped this helped. It has worked wonders for me for years.
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