Enchantments and How-To

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Enchantments and How-To
Post # 1
First off, I want you to know I claim no entitlement of master on the topic of enchantments, but I am highly knowledgable. That means I can't clear up any problem you run into, but I can help with what I can. Remember, since I can't tell you what a mistake can do, that means enchanting is rather risky if you do run into a mistake. Now that my premonition is labeled, let's begin.

An enchantment is an ability, a refined set of desirable status, or a recognition of significance placed on an item to increase its magick value and representation, worthy of deity forces and spiritual matters. And you must know what enchantment you are casting. There are 7 types. ?Blood (an enchantment that takes after you or uses variables directly from you or another), ?Elemental (a weak enchantment that uses the elements or it's surroundings to improve its quality), ?Spiritual (an enchantment that calls for a spirit's help or doing), ?Energetic/Psi (an enchantment that generates it's own energy or draws energy from an external source such as the sun), Irrational (an enchantment that is undefined or not finished; in other words, a mistake), ?Surplus (an enchantment with multiple outcomes. Not a mistake because determining results and requirements had been met indirectly), ?Kem?k?s (a traditional enchantment from Classical Greece denoted as an evil force that is either against or powered by the caster. I don't recommend this as I've never tried it) and ?Sacred (an enchantment thought to be done or tampered by a deity or apparition appealingly).

Now that you know the 7 forms of enchantments, you should be getting a general idea of what ideally an enchantment does. It adds or improves to an object. Such as a gem. The important part of enchanting is what can be enchanting. Almost anything! But the crucial part is that what is to be enchanted must be special to you, and must be maintained in precision and order. And enchantment stores energy that receives commands each use. Those commands never leave. If an enchanted object is broken, it must be disposed of. Apparitions claim energy, which ever way they can. And energy can tamper or devise anything in it's range. And range is unpredictable. So If you decide to enchant, make sure it's for a good cause and will be maintained with order. It's recommended not to enchant large objects that can't be moved in case of danger.

The next part?cooperation. Enchantments are a spell itself. When you cast a spell to associate with an enchanted object, it's important to make sure the spell and enchantment won't duel over changes variables. Example: you enchant a gem to hold energy, but you cast a spell on it to make the gem release any energies It may have. The two magicks will conflict and result in a dead enchantment, which is almost always permanent considering most enchantments involve complex variables and pleased deities and apparitions. It's like fighting with fire of you cast a counteract spell with and enchantment, and unless you figure every variable beforehand, don't cast any spell! It's better to not associate any external magicks to enchantments. I can't stress that enough.
It's also important to keep enchantments separate if their variables modified are diverse. It's handy to categorize enchantments into order, and carry the ones needed in separate unenchanted leather pouches or bags.

No the fun and perhaps frustrating part is how to enchant an object. The very simple and first step is to know what you wish to modify in a significant object. Say, a diamond. What variable do you wish to improve?or devise, perhaps? Let's say I want the diamond to be black. That's very simple. You wish to modify its appearance and structure. Now you must categorize the enchantment. What type is it? Well. Since this is a general enchantment you wish, there are various ways to achieve a black diamond. Such as storing an evil spirit. So this could be a Sacred or Kem?k?s. But always remember to include Surplus. It could always come out right, but unexpected. And remember Irrational. What could cause it to be irrational? Maybe you have Satan himself stored into this diamond. What could go wrong? Satan is very powerful for a small diamond. It could break and release negative energy. So Kem?k?s is out of categorization. Let's use a weaker enchantment for a weaker object. Elemental. It could be filled with modified dark soil-like energy from the Earth element. Or black fire from the sun? So it could be an Energetic. At this point, you could chose. We chose Energetic.

Now you must enchant it. To enchant an item, you must expose it to any type of relation to its enchantment and type of enchantment. We're doing energetic, so lay it out in the sound and allow it to absorb the sun's energy. You can add more variables such as surround the diamond with crystals. Or if if were a blood enchantment, you could sprinkle your blood on it, or used blood-related objects to interact with the diamond.

The next part is what really differentiates spells and enchantments. You won't chant or cast a spell with words. You take the enchanted item with it's exposed variable passed on, and somy embrace it and show it affection. All enchantments require your energy. No matter the type. Hug it. Kiss it. Light your favorite candle or incense and stare at it affectionately. Do what you wish! The enchantment is yours! Powered by you always! It's significant! Show it's significance. There is where the risky part is in action. It's storing your energy, so remember. Once your energy is absorbed, it's safe. Once released, anyone or anything can use it. Just like we do with the Elements. So be wary.

Now once again, it's best to keep track of your enchantments and DONT lose them. And keep your energy's flow with the item. Kiss it every month. Or every week. It's up to you on how much you use it.

If you don't refill it, it's a dead enchantment. When people die, do they keep their breath in their lungs? No. What happens? They exhale. Permanently. Your energy is exhaled and can never enter again. And that risk again, your energy is a free-for-all!

Enchantments aren't disposable, really. Your energy goes somewhere. You can take this risk or you can avoid it by keeping your items safe.

I hope this proves useful to thee.
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Re: Enchantments and How-To
Post # 2
In my area there is a big rock called the "unlucky rock". If someone touches it they get bad luck. If an item can make someone lucky, is it enchanted?
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Re: Enchantments and How-To
Post # 3
That is a form of Spiritual enchantment. It alters their path to match the desired variable. This can be considered Sacred aswell. It's a powerful enchantment.
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Re: Enchantments and How-To
Post # 4
Oh also it's best to leave enchanted objects that your unfamiliar with and whose creator may be alone.
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