Is it real?

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Is it real?
Post # 1
I'm sad and depressed so I put on music. A peppy beat! It changes me, alters the way I think! I feel anger and rage and so I blast music fast and loud! Some tunes raise energy within me! I feel it, it gives me goose bumps! Makes the hair on my neck stand up! Sound is energy and if this energy can affect me why cant it affect the things around me? Other people? If I sing does it affect another? Sing to a person who's depressed will it make them feel better? If it does have you just used energy to heal them? Isn't that what magick is?
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Re: Is it real?
Post # 2
..Well, music can affect different sparks in different people, but I don't think it would affect anything inanimate... You're talking about the energy of sound, coming from a digital device, say perhaps. Sound can spark different emotions and reactions, thus probably sparking YOUR personal energy.

Depending on the person, what they're feeling at the moment, who knows. You singing could raise there energy to a different kind of emotion or level. You could stir the negative energy into positive. It all just depends.

I know whenever Flagg and I transfer energy to each other, our energy interacts sort of like a blood transfusion. It mixes, and makes us both feel what the other does, trading one emotion/vibe for another, thus helping each other feel much better.
Just assume that depending on your bond with the person, of course singing could help them. But if you want to not be looked at weird if you're a hoarse singer, I think an energy transfer would work out better.
I guess i'm still a little confused on what you're trying to say, so tell me if i'm getting it or not.
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Re: Is it real?
Post # 3
Your right on! Energy transference is a fancy term for it! The point is physical energy affects us on a spiritual level. It can alter our consciousness. But with magick we are not dealing with physical energy. The idea is that we are dealing with a higher energy! So is one real but not the other?
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