I need your help! Im new

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I need your help! Im new
Post # 1

I'm completely new to this website and to magic too, I know you might hear this a lot. I need some help and advice from you guys who are professionals.
I need a spell to help me. My fiances parents are getting in between us so much!! His dad absolutely hates me because he wants his son to be completely under his control and to whatever he says happen. His mum and dad never let us spend anytime together, if we sit down they have to sit with us, if we as a couple want to go out for a coffee (when might is tight to just talk) he has to complain to say we are throwing away money that my fiance doesn't earn. I'm a student in London and his in a different country, his older than me thankfully so until May we have to see each other once a month so it's already difficult as it is, but its so hard with them not wanting to speak to me or my family and try to go everywhere their son goes just to show him that "we are better than her" . They hate when we buy something new for our house absolutely hate us progressing. My parents on the other hand are on our side and are always nice to us and don't meddle in our business.

Is there a spell for this? I don't want to cast a completely wrong spell?

Sorry for the long message.... I really appreciate it.
Thank you
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Re: I need your help! Im new
Post # 2
there are spells for that.... but they could beckfire or if youre still new you could preform a fake spell, or do it wrong. so how far away is your wedding? You still need time to practice magic
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Re: I need your help! Im new
Post # 3
My fiance wants next summer 2015, but because of all of this going on I'm thinking to make it at least in 2016 to see if he wants to be with me or with his mum and dad more
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Re: I need your help! Im new
Post # 4

You are completely new to magic? I would suggest you study the basics first, such as meditation, grounding. If you just cast a spell right now, it could seriously backfire and not in your favor. So please do not try anything rash. Just breath, focus and stay calm.

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Re: I need your help! Im new
Post # 5
message me on all ki related stuff if u want
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