Newbie wants to learn

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Newbie wants to learn
Post # 1
I am very new to this so I would like a lot of help understanding and learning. I have known all my life that I was able to see small pictures of things feelings of events that may occur and the many dreams that I have seen unfold. So at the age of 46 instead of trying not to be that person unsuccessfully I have accepted the person I am and would love to hear from anyone who cares to share. I would love to know how to heighten my awareness and have better understanding of the pictures flash feelings as well as learn spells one of which is how to protect myself from things that frighten me and help build my confidence in what I am capable of seeing in my dreams and visions
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Re: Newbie wants to learn
Post # 2

Welcome! My advice is to start learning about meditation. Meditation is great to help you focus.It is also good for heightening you awareness. You can learn a lot about yourself through meditation. For the future, if you wish to do any sort of spell casting, know that grounding, which you can learn from meditation, is important in some cases. There are many articles on here about meditation.

Good luck and I hope you find what you are looking for. You can message if you would like more information. I am learning about meditation as well. And so far it has helped me greatly.


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Re: Newbie wants to learn
Post # 3
Merry Meet!

I agree with Dukali, start on the path of meditation. It will help clear you mind and center you. I ave 25 years of casting experience and I think that it is one of the basic foundations of good witchery. I meditate before I cast a circle as to help in focusing on what I wish to complete. If you have any questions feel free to mail me.
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Re: Newbie wants to learn
Post # 4
Thank you both for your advice I have been practicing meditation and feel its hoing well. I have practiced a few simple spells and feel more in touch with myself. I have also practiced cleansing my chakras its amazing the difference you feel. I am also reading and reading and reading.
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