need help with some words

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> need help with some words

need help with some words
Post # 1

There are two very important spells that i have on my mind right now. I usually do candle spells. But I need a little help writing the chants for them.

The first one is a spell to get apporoved for a house to rent. It is actually a duplex, and I would have two roomates on the lease with me. I know there are other people also applying for this house. It is perfect for me and my two roomates and we have not been able to find anything else that we are even interested in renting so it is very important that we get approved for this one before anybody else does.

The second spell is a relationship spell kind of. There is this guy, that I believe to be my soul mate. The spell is not exactly about him. The problem is that his ex, who broke up with him when she left out of state to go to school, is still calling him everyday and I think she is trying to get him back. She has a nasty tone to her voice when he mentions me to her over the phone. (they don't see each other in person because she is still currently out of state) I need a spell to get her to back off. I need her to leaeve him alone. Now normally I wouldn't be like this or do this kind of spell, but she doesn't deserve him. She treats him and his family like crap, not a single member of his family ever approved of their relationship and they celebrated when she broke up with him. And she made his mother cry while they were still dating. As well as several other disrespectful things. So I just need a spell that will either get her to back off or get him to see her for who she is. I don't understand why he doesn't realize it after the way she treats his family.

Anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you

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Re: need help with some words
Post # 2
Hello ! I don't know any spells but I do know a website that will grant your wish! It's called Just follow what they'll say and after 8 days poof! Wish granted! And about the second one, the only thing I could say is love is blind. Sometimes you're just blind and playing tricks with your heart and mind, thinking you like someone but though sometimes you don't know the reason why you love that certain person, either they have something that you like in them or without you knowing it's already in front of you without you noticing. It just really depends on a person. Anyway, hope this helps!
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