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Pomba Gira
Post # 1
In honor of beautiful Glorious Pomba Gira Rainha of Las Encrucijadas. I need your help and I leave my love woes at your feet. As I have promised I am spreading your name. Please in return help me with (SD) bring him to me as fast as can be.

Beautiful, happy and powerful Pomba Gira Rainha of Las Encrucijadas; Queen Maria of all paths and red roses may your power be the force that annihilates enemies declared and occulted and removes barriers and obstacles from the path of love.

Pomba Gira spirit of happiness, I am in need of your magic and power. May your enchantment be the enchantment that realizes my desires and ends my solitude, heartache and misfortune. With the purest and truest of hearts and not desiring to cause or bring any harm, hurt or misfortune to myself (JT) nor my beloved (SD,) that his heart beat without interruption only for me (JT) in all directions.

My Queen Pomba Gira of The Crossroads, I ask you to turn (SD) in my favor so that he falls completely in love with me (JT,) and needs to have me with him now. Go where ever my beloved (SD) is and goes, and bring him to me (JT). Tear other women apart from him, other women will not want him anymore. Don't let him rest, sleep, be cheerful nor feel pleasure until he sees me, speaks to me, and makes me his lover and his woman.

For the powers of earth, for the presence of fire, for the inspiration of air, for the virtues of water, for the tears that I have shed over love, I invoke your spirit and that of the blessed 13 souls so that you go to where ever (SD) is and bring his heart, body and soul and bind it to mine (JT) definitively. Have his spirit soak in the essence of my love so that he will reciprocate his love to me in triples. May my beloved (SD) not desire any other person, and his thoughts and eyes only be about and for me (JT). May he feel sorry for rejecting me, and desire to see me and need me be to be his only lover. May he go to sleep thinking of only me, dream of only me, wake up thinking of only me, miss me, and yearn to be with me.

O great Pomba Gira, Queen of the Crossroads, move air, transform fire, form water, heal earth so the wheel turns and turns and turns and makes my beloved (SD) quickly come pursuing me (JT) as soon as possible. May he be crazily, humbly, passionately, and lustfully wanting to be by my side asking me to never let him go.

When he lays down, when he wakes up, he will think of only me, he will even dream about me and for this he will love me more every day, if he is sleeping he will wake up missing me. He will be glad to hear my voice. (SD) will feel a desire for me that is not normal like he has never felt for any other woman and never will.

O great Pomba Gira Rainha of all Marias and the 7 skirts, my kind, glorious and loving princesses, I ask that the body of my beloved (SD) burn with intense desire and lust to have me (JT) and make me his. May (SD?s) desire for me blind him of others. May my beloved (SD) lose interest in all other (females) once and for all and not feel any desire nor pleasure with no other (female) but me (JT). May he never see other (women) as a conquest, feel no interest for them and ignore them. May he come to me, because he will not be able to stand being far away from me, because he will be afraid of losing me. He will come to me saying that he wants me always with him by his side.

May no other female make him feel any pleasure or love. Only I (JT) will give pleasure and love to (SD). Only I will have that power given by you. May (SD) and I (JT) always be prosperous, healthy, together, free of jealousy of any kind and always faithful to each other. (SD) and I (JT) always be together, in love, in peace, surrounded by positive energy. Our past troubles will be forgotten, he will no longer be afraid. It will be!

O great Pomba Gira of the 7 Exus that accompany your steps I (JT) ask and plead for you to tie my beloved (SD) to the 7 knots of your skirts and the 7 bells on your clothes and bring him to me. That my beloved (SD) be at this moment desiring me, wanting to be with me, loving me, yearning for me, and wanting to kiss me. May he have me in his thoughts 24 hours a day, where ever he may be or whomever he may be with, his thoughts shall only be about me (JT). May my beloved desire to hear my voice, see me, hug me, kiss me, sleep with me, so intensely, that he has to call, text and e-mail me needing and wanting to be with me. May he be totally crazy with intense desire and lust for me (SD) at this moment and always wanting us to be together.

I know the groups of Pomba Gira are already blowing my name into SD's ears day and night, he will not eat, sleep, sing, work, have fun, have pleasure, or do anything unless he is with me. Every time this prayer is read it will become stronger and I trust the power of the 7 crossroads and will continue spreading this powerful prayer. So shall it be!! It shall be done!!
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Re: Pomba Gira
Post # 2
So what exactly is this?
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Re: Pomba Gira
By: / Novice
Post # 3

she is a deitiy of people in brazil who practice Umbanda and Quimbanda. she represents feminine sexuality, beauty and love.

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