Casting a circle

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Casting a circle

Casting a circle
Post # 1
I may sound like a right idiot but I've never cast a circle and have done several simple spells before. How do you cast a circle? Is there going to be any repercussions from me not casting one before doing these spells?
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Re: Casting a circle
By: / Novice
Post # 2
You will become a newt. Kidding.

There are a couple reasons why you cast a circle, it's considered 'holy ground' or a place between worlds where you can speak with the divine [think of it like church but no building]

In spell casting it effects the energy around you, some feel it makes casting easier, but primarily it's a barrier to protect you from any negative energy/spirit who might attach itself to you while you cast.

To cast a circle there are many methods, look through the articles and find one that works for you. Basically you walk clockwise stopping in each of the four directions to call on the element [some use watchtowers, others use angels, I call on dragons, whatever works for you] when you are ready to leave, walk in a counterclockwise direction thanking the elements. There is a lot more to it, but basically that's it. Be sure to charge and visualize the energy forming the circle. To know you did it correctly you should feel it, the energy is different, you might feel warmer, or can sense where the circle ends.

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Re: Casting a circle
Post # 3
Some people place candles in the directions north south east west. Others cast a circle with a wand. Not all spells need circles, it depends on what kind of magic you practice.
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Re: Casting a circle
By: / Novice
Post # 4

Circles also prevent (accidental) contamination of your work. Besides genuinely malicious or mischievous spirits that may deliberately want to much up what you're doing, there can also be stray entities and currents of emotional energy which come into the area of your magical work. If you're doing something sensitive to outside influences, like divination, this can have a very real affect.

If what you're trying to accomplish involves generating or calling upon a large amount of energy, a circle will also serve as a sort of containment unit to keep it from bleeding away before you can use it or charge it into an item or whatever it is that you intend to do with it.

Most circles are made in a way that involves calling upon the four elements, or beings which are likewise paired in complimentary opposites. You're not merely creating a circle which keeps things out and energy in, you're actually creating a little pocket of balanced energy, and you benefit from being inside of it. Many hermetic traditions suggest performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (often just "LBRP") once or twice a day as a sort of spiritual hygiene for yourself and your living space.

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