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true magi
Post # 1
was Aliester crowley a true magi
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Re: true magi
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Well, he said he was! He did write a great deal about the occult.
He was one of those who worked very hard to get witchcraft made Legal in 1951. However, some of his ideas caused great scandal in Britain. So he exiled himself, bought an island! Or he would surely have gone to prison for a very long time!
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Re: true magi
Post # 3
do yo think he was
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Re: true magi
Post # 4
Crowley claimed the grade Ippissimus in his system. There is debate about whether he attained to that or not, it is the highest state of consciousness. However, many people do not care.

I can say he knew what he was talking baout and he was serious about his practice. The system he laid down is workeable, largely free from dogma, and is designed to be rigorous and to attain results.

I think he was certainly one of the biggest contributors to the occult world and a very accomplished magician in his own right.

He went through three (I think, definitly two) inheritances spending it on what he termed 'the great work', and published all his own books with the best quality materials so they would survive.

In his system the title magi is not used, the title magus is used. In my opinion he definitely got there, but for ipissimus, I cannot comment and do not have the knowledge to comment on that matter.
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Re: true magi
Post # 5
Also whilst he was rich for a time (he brnt through that money), he did not buy an island! He moved to Cefalu and bought an abbey, but was exiled by Mussolini for causing too much scandal there- he flitted about America and the UK mostly for the rest of his life, with a few trips to Paris here and there, and some in Mexico.

The British press called him "The Wickedest man in the world" and "The man we want to hang". Most of their 'facts' were rumors and just plain lies in some cases.

Anyway, just another man playing at magick. You can read his works and decide for yourself!
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