A Question about Spells!

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A Question about Spells!
Post # 1
I'm very in tune to details and many spells on here don't "seem" to give enough. I say "seem" because I might be over-thinking it...

What I wonder is about the many spells on here wherein you preform a task of sorts (place something in a box, put a doll over there, etc.) and then over a period of time, you must do something with it and the spell will be cast.

For example more specifically, one spell I found said to bury a box and retrieve it a week later and that is when the spell shall be cast...

Well...about these items...what should you do with them after the spell has been cast? Is it 'safe' to use them? Or does the spell perhaps take some time and you should leave the items as they are?

I'm not concerned about demons or devils (I don't work with those), but rather simply interfering with the spell and/or powers at work.

This is the case with most spells I find and I would like an answer please!
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Re: A Question about Spells!
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Are you say, filling the box with things for the spell? Is the doll like a voodoo doll that is used to represent the recipient of the spell? If so then I wouldn't do anything with the items other than use them to reinforce the spell. I would put the items in a place that is never (or almost never) disturbed, or somewhere that the items can be sure to be left alone and untouched. Now if the box is buried in the ground for the purpose of grounding then it should be fine to use it for other things. It all depends on what the purpose of the things are.

I hope I was helpful
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Re: A Question about Spells!
Post # 3
Well, if you kept it undisturbed. What will happen if it is disturbed by some factors accidentally or purposefully? And if you want to re-use a "Key" or "Magic Tool" such as Voodoo doll etc, what should be done? For example: my spell is in progress and I wish to re-use the magic tool. Is it possible to re-use it without disturbing the spell under process or progress?
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