please tell

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please tell
Post # 1
Hi , i have an problem on ouija .
I created one on paper and do the rules . But it dont work .
Can someone trll me ?
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Re: please tell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
First of all, be mindful of the potential risks of preforming Ouija Board seances. It is not a game. Ouija boards can invite unwanted presences into a home or other location. You are opening up a door/portal that could connect the "other side" to our realm. As cool as this may sound, it's not safe. Say, your doing it to reconnect with a lost relative of friend: you are not just inviting that (maybe) 'good' spirit into your home, you are opening the door to any and all entities, including those that are demonic. If you do contact an entity/spirit, it will be VERY hard to shake them! Once they find out that they are able to communicate with you, they will not want to go away! They will want to attatch themselves to the one(s) who invoked them.
Also, something will not happen EVERY time you use a ouija board.
To be successful, you must believe and be relaxed. Never ever be nervous or have a lazy posture when you are preforming a Ouija seance. This portrays weakness and a spirit will notice that and will attach to you strongly. Always be calm, have ligitament reasons for preforming the seance and sit with your back strait and show be sure to show none of your weaknesses. And never freak out during the middle of the seance. If strange things are being spelled or is it goes '9-0-9-0-9-0-9-0' or 'z-o-z-o-z-o-z-o', stop everything imediately and (Always say 'GoodBye' first!) put the board repectfully/carefully away. Never damage the board and never burn it. Never donate it if a spirit is attatched to the board. Bless it and burry it respectfully to get rid of it.
Personally, I would not want to open my self up to those things and would not preform any Ouija seance. Be careful and Blessed Be! Thats my 2 cents
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Re: please tell
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Also, I would not reccommend putting it on paper. If something happens and it rips or gets damaged in another way (paper is very easy to damage)bad things could happen. I would make it useing a stronger, sturdier material, such as a wooden board or stong cardbord/posterboard.
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