Sun-faced Buddha

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Sun-faced Buddha
Post # 1
I love this quote and wanted to see what they think it was meaning is to be. ''Sun-faced Buddha, Moon-faced Buddha.'' This quote was said by Ma Tzu. When he was asking if he was feeling well after being ill-possibly still. I would love to see what you all think of what Ma Tzu said.
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Re: Sun-faced Buddha
Post # 2

I'd love for you to extend on the post yourself. What do you think he meant?

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Re: Sun-faced Buddha
Post # 3

Well before I studied more onto this. I thought of the sun and moon as Masculine and Feminine. Tara and Buddha. Though as I studied more into. It was more personal than I had expected. And it is my Mantra to calm myself now. How?

Well when I looked more into people explaining it. The first thing I came to find is a question. How could Buddha Face the Moon and Sun at the same time? Riddle me this...

This simple question was out-looked of me. I did not even think of this. I took a common idea of my own and labeled it. But more had to be in this after I read this question. And sure enough there was.

Really I am stumped to explain it. I have read so many example's. But one to explain it. We all face problem's. Life comes to us we have things we face and must do. Based on how we take it. Ma Tzu suggest that we must take both the negative and positive and enjoy both. The Sun faced Buddha is what we like and see positively. The Moon-Faced Buddha is our issue's,pain and so forth. Both of these help us live and be grateful.

I guess that is how I would explain it.

All over the internet they describe this quote as this:

"The Sun-faced Buddha is suppose to live for one thousand eight years. And the Moon-faced Buddha lives only one day and one night."

I hope this help's. And I hope those who are facing troubling time's this will assist them.



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Re: Sun-faced Buddha
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
I don't know anything about Buddhism, but it strikes me that "Sun face, and Moon face", are "opposites". In illness, not very ill,but not very well.
For instance, I have serious heart disease. Some days I feel quite well; other days are dreadfully full of pain. Perhaps my good days are "Sun faced", and the bad days "Moon faced".
Maybe that is the riddle?
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Re: Sun-faced Buddha
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Other Paths from Misc Topics.
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