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Search on Google
Post # 1

I want to say an annoying thing which I see at some posts.I wait everyone's opinion.This is from my experience.

I see many peoples on this site which say "I want to learn about necromancy (this is just an example).So is here someone which want to help me?Thanks."Don't judge me is nothing wrong to ask,but with a search on google we can find a lot of good information.For that exist books,too.

Is nothing wrong to don't understand from a book an information about pendulum and ask "But how I use a pendulum" but when you ask for an online teacher is really weird especially because exist a lot of sites and books (ebooks for people which don't want to buy a book).

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Re: Search on Google
Post # 2

I agree, to an extent. Speaking with actual practitioners can help one to build up a know-how of the more subtle nuances books might not cover. Experience can be a great teacher and guide. Anyone searching the net must do so with a touch of cynicism and a grain of salt. An understanding of the fundamentals from that practice can be very helpful. Books are great.

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Re: Search on Google
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
This is exactly why I do not teach on-line. I used to teach at my local Pagan group; but that's different. You need to be "shown" magic, as well as read about it. The first time I showed the children how dowsing works, they were "gob smacked". You can read about dowsing, yes. But until you actually see it working, you can never really understand it.
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Re: Search on Google
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

I agree with Brysing...but I also think there is much to be said for doing some research and reading on your own to start to get a basic understanding of what it is you want to learn.

For instance, I have people come to me saying they want to learn Wicca. The problem is that they have no idea about what Wicca really is or what they want to learn. Asking for some good resources on Wicca to begin one's studies (because there are tons of bad sites listed in Google) is a good place to start so that one knows whether they even want to pursue the path of Wicca makes it easier in the long run.

It also makes it easier to act direct questions and get helpful answers if you do some individual study on your own and then ask about those things that aren't clear to you. Simply asking "Tell me everything about...whatever" is unlikely to help. How, for instance, could I compress 30 years of study and practice into one post? Obviously I couldn't.

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Re: Search on Google
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Oh,Lark! You are so right! How could I pack 76 years into one post? Impossible! We can but try, if only to find out what the youngsters ACTUALLY want to learn!
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