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Spirit Animal Dream
Post # 1
Alright, so for the longest time, I have been stuck to the idea that my spirit animal is the sparrow, but last night I had a dream where I had a run in with a fox in my backyard(a place where I meditate often) and we spoke for a while about unimportant things like weather. He then pointed out a sparrow that landed on my shoulder and was disgusted by it. I noticed the sparrow seemed un-lively, almost fake, and I pushed it off my shoulder. The dream ended with the fox and I standing next to eachother.
I'm wondering if this means I was wrong? And if so, is the fox telling me that he is my spirit animal?
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Re: Spirit Animal Dream
Post # 2
Sometimes things change. If your guide(s), subconscious, some entity, etc., are expressed to you as an animal, this could represent different things.

It could be a change, from what the sparrow represents to you, to what the fox represents to you.

You may have learned the lesson you were meant to learn from the sparrow, and now you have something to learn from the fox (theoretically).

The fox could be a representative of a "shadow totem" of sorts, being that it is a predator of the sparrow. It could be something about other aspects of yourself, your life, and be there to show you more about yourself.

And by no means are those the only options.

Ultimately, it comes down to looking within. Understanding what these animals mean to you, and what they mean framed within your beliefs.
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Re: Spirit Animal Dream
Post # 3

Can I ask how you know that it was your spirit animal?I am not saying to you to don't believe in dream interpretation but I think that if you dream an animal doesn't mean that was your spirit animal.All of we have strange dreams in our life and is weird to believe everytime that they are signs.

This is a dream interpretation from a Romanian site (is translate in english)

1.Fox Is possible to discover a disloyal friend.Is possible to be cheat. 2.Fox If you dream a fox is possible to suffer because false friends. 3.Fox Fox has significantly negative in almost any dream. It is considered a symbol of abomination, the lies, the deceit. If a girl or woman dreams of a fox, that means someone secretly follows her as another woman or another person interested in the thoughts of it not too clean. Fox appeared and dream of a girl or woman can mean and rival in love. Barking fox in a dream warns you that you have to go, as you paste a danger and you have to change your luck. 1. Sparrow
Sparrow are bad sign: dead and tears
- If you see a sparrow in your dream and catch it, is an omen for friendship or love
- Generally means sparrow friends and sparrows seen in a dream portend hard work.

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