Where should I begin?

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Where should I begin?
Post # 1
Hello. I've been studying witchcraft few years now. When I first got my account here, people told me to study, study, study. And... now that I have studied witchcraft, where should I start? I know that I should know better. I have natural affinity (Is that how you spell it in English?) for both clairvoyance and healing, so which one should I start with? When should I begin to cast spells?
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Re: Where should I begin?
Post # 2
It really just depends on what you want to start with. With clairvoyance I reccomend working on visualization. Visual meditations and drawing seem to help most in this area.its all about opening/strengthening your third eye. Studying chakras may be helpful towards the ability if thats something your interested in. As far as herbalism goes study plants natural and magical uses to use them at their full potential.
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Re: Where should I begin?
Post # 3
hi there you will learn a lot from this forum also their are loads of books out there to learn and show you about spell casting that's what I did before joining the forum, also you will find some classes that students do on the forum just look under classes welcome to the forum. goodness and light.
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Re: Where should I begin?
Post # 4

Dear Cioccolate,

It sounds like you are already working hard and honing in your skills in the craft, this is good as you should always go with the natural rytham of things. We do all of us posess some psychic abilites on some level, bethis clervoyance, clear audience or clear sentinance. However being a witch by nature is someting you are born into, it's a bit like wanting to learn how to play the pianno. Some of us can manage to do it, others take to it like a fish in water and go on to play like beathoven!

However this is not to say that you cannot become a witch simply because you are not born into it, it is simply a matter of your perspective and beleif in yourself on how great or or authentic a witch you want to become. The very fact that you found yourself on this site is indicative of the fact that something spiritual inside you drew you to this place, and now that you are here you are in the best position to connect with other like minded people in the craft as well.

Magic practise can sometimes be missconstruded, you see magik itself is no different from sceicne. In itself magik is not just a science but an art, if someone where to ask me what exactly is magik, I would say "Iv'e haven't the faintest Idea", the best way to liken it to anything is planting a seed and watching it grow.

Now these are not my words, but a very special and knowageable person told me this once when I asked him the same question. So the credit goes to him on this one, since then I have studied the works of Alister Crowley and read articles on the forums here. I am by no means expeirienced in wicca at all, I am also a beginner like yourself. But rest be sured, you will find the magik that is right for you, once you understand how the craft works.

Blessed be and I wish you the very best in your endevours!

Love and Light, Eternal Seed :) x

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Re: Where should I begin?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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