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Post # 1
The other day I was eating together with my family, and in every conversation they have with me they bring up my religion, and things that aren't normal with me. The night before I had had a dream about a child that was powerful, and all I could hear was a heartbeat, and feel it's strong presence, but not only that I saw it eyes. When we looked at each other I felt a strong connection and the child looked at me as well almost judging . The scary thought was how I could feel it's presence so clearly. I then saw a flash of my sisters hair, so yesterday I went and asked her. She gave me this look, and said she was a week along.
I'm extremely delighted, though my family isn't as much.
They have a negative connotation towards me, so I worry a bit.
I think they are still upset when I accurately told them the genders and births of two other family members.
I couldn't tell the gender yet but the child seemed more masculine, so it might be a boy.
I'll probably find out later.
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Re: Dreams
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

I'm not really one to be able to tell the gender of a child, but the image I saw while reading your description was feminine. More like an Angrboda feminine than Sigyn feminine as a metaphor for the impression I had. Just my two cents, really.

My immediate family was kind of off about my practice until I started explaining what it was and wasn't. At this point, they don't really care what I am, so long as I'm happy and not hurting anyone (they don't care about curses, though, which is good. LOL). I hope your family can get to that point, as well.

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Re: Dreams
Post # 3
I don't practice much, but since I was a child my relatives have called a bruja or a devil child. I like to think that they don't understand what I do. I'm glad for my mother and grandmother though, they've taught me a lot through the years and accepted me for who I am
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Re: Dreams
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Fortune Telling.
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Re: Dreams
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

I was under the impression that a Bruja was a female Witch in the path of Brujeria. Does your family not view it that way? I have respect for Brujeria, but it not a path I am learned in.

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