Nightmares with Dead lady

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Nightmares with Dead lady
Post # 1
I hardly ever have nightmares(only once a year or not even) but when I do its always the same thing- a dead girl about my age with pale skin, black eyes and long black hair who tries to kill me.
The first time I had a nightmare with her was when I was like 10, and she chased me around after killing my family.

The second time was a few years later when I was 13 and in that dream she was trying to kill me but I killed her first. However she came back somehow and tried to kill me again but I managed to stab her with scissors.

The third time was just a few weeks ago and scared me pretty bad- it was intense and much worse than the other nightmares with her. In the dream she was following me around because we were 'friends' (I think its because I'm around her age now she didn't kill me but kept me as a friend) she then started to kill off my other friends and kill random people.

I remember that we went into a public toilet together and she walked into a stall and I stayed outside. I heard gargling/ awful noises from her stall and I could smell rotting flesh and I just wanted to throw up. Eventually she came out and we left. During the whole dream I did not look at her directly and never into her eyes, I felt like something bad would happen if I did.

I'm too scared to sleep alone now which always lasts a couple of weeks after these nightmares, and sometimes
I hear tapping/knocking on my window and things move without me touching them. Yesterday while I was in maths class I was really bored and thinking about the dead girl and if she was watching me, when suddenly the right side of my head began to hurt really bad. It wore off after a little bit.

Does anyone know what this is? and how I could get her to leave me alone, or have similar experiences? Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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Re: Nightmares with Dead lady
Post # 2
Well if this is a repetitive dream, I think you should go to sleep and find out why. Merely because some repetitive dreams have meaning, and maybe she is something trying to reach you, I don't think you should be frightened, but talk to her and get answers. Your mind is a weapon, remember that. And remember to not make deals.
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Re: Nightmares with Dead lady
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Nightmares with Dead lady
Post # 4
Thanks I'll definitely try that :)
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Re: Nightmares with Dead lady
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

Do a cleansing of negative energy, with some incense. negative energy can manifest in many different ways and may be affecting your dreams.

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