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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Re:black magic help

Re:black magic help
Post # 1
How to protect ourselves from black magic ?
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Re: Re:black magic help
Post # 2
There are a variety of spells to do this, just click the spells tab and click on defense spells.

I suggest casting a circle, it was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, also there was a knife laying by accident in the circle and it got charged somehow.

Also, could you be more specific? Is there someone casting a black magick spell on you or are you just paranoid?
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Re: Re:black magic help
Post # 3
Thank you for information.
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Re: Re:black magic help
Post # 4
Objects of power (OoP) usually can repel unwanted energy away from the wielder. Do you have anything you are close to or usually wear? These can be imbued with high energies and can become an OoP.
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Re: Re:black magic help
Post # 5

Some ways to protect yourself...


Crafting a shield for personal protection through your own energy can be done. A few ideas for this visual might be:

A circular boundary.

For the bondary youll imagine a boundary of any shape, usually circular, around yourself. Youll want to feel it being more than just a line in the sand. It should steam or shine upward and stop any energy passing through by sucking them down or reflecting them out.

A suit of armor.

A suit of armor. Well pretty self explanatory there.

A mirror ball.

A mirror ball, youll want to visualize a sphere surrounding you. It should be reflective on the outside, so that it will reflect energy and stop passing through its borders.

A black hole.

A black hole should suck any energy sent your way directly into its center and in some cases it may expel the assimilated energy.

These are only a few ideas...

Witches Bottle

Youll want to fill a jar with crushed glass, pins and needles, urine or blood, and a broken mirror which hasnt gotten your reflection in it. Bury it in front of your door step and it will protect you.

Mojo Hand/Bag

A mojo hand is a spirit crafted to achieve an end. This end is not limited to protection. I could write an entire article on mojo hands, but they are something you should learn about and respect before utilizing. They consist of a skin, the bag, usually red flanel (traditional), colored cloth (New Agey, but no less effective), and leather (which is less common and more native). The bones, this is what will really make your bag, this can consist of roots, stones (not generally gemstones), bones, and other curio. Mind which will give it its defined directive and loyalty. Name papers, blood, petitions, etc. Soul, which will bring your mojo to life, is accomplished by *Breathing* into it the breath of life. This can be done through smoking it with incense. You should feed it every week or so.


A bit of study and practice needs to go into this. Suffice to say, you craft a spirit, house it, and it may protect you. It will act of its own accord according to how you defined it. This should not be taken on lightly or without research.

The list goes on.

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