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Post # 1
I love dreaming....always have, and I love interpreting my dreams. However, there are some dreams that just stump me and last night was one of them. I dreamed that myself and another person (a male friend) won $620 million dollars. Yep....620 million. We had to wait to receive the entire amount but 20 million was deposited into my account right away. I remember being happy but not like you would really be if someone told you you won that large amount of money.

Does anyone delve into dream symbolism and can shed any light on what this may symbolize?

Many thanks!
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Re: Dreams
Post # 2
As a lucid dreamer i have received many dreams that shed light of the future.

But this dream may be just a dream. I suggest you go to sleep and affirm to yourself "If that dream was to become of my future, let me dream it again tonight"

Still, here is my interpretation.

There are 2 things i can derive from this

First is about the friend, if he too appeared in the dream it could mean that your fortune depends on him.

Secondly, the fact that only 20 million was being deposited first, this could signify that you are only being given a part of what fortune awaits you, and the rest you must be patient and wait.

Still, i would need more details to see what it could mean.
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Re: Dreams
By: / Novice
Post # 3
That depends on what money means to you. If it means freedom and options, then that could mean that you might feel like you have an excess of options but instead of getting confused then you take it in stride. If it means bribery, obligation, and corruption, then the dream could indicate either something very wrong that you did but are rationalizing or inventing justifications for; or it could even mean a shift towards a healthier attitude towards money if not to the point that you'd go all Marilyn Monroe song and dance Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend on people. Hence, the partial.

Or it could be that the numbers 6, 2, and/or 0 have a subconscious meaning for you.
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Re: Dreams
Post # 4
if I had a dream like that I would definitely without a doubt put the lottery on, as you never know if you have a dream like that what this means. goodness and light.
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Re: Dreams
Post # 5
Thanks everyone! I love your input and interpretations. I am going to look further into the number significance for 2s, 6s and even 8s.

I am interviewing for a new position on Monday so a part of me is hoping that the dream may have meant that the job will be mine. :)
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