Help or what to do?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Help or what to do?

Help or what to do?
Post # 1
Hello forums!

First I'm new here and I'm asking for help.
I have recently round out that I've been eating fixed food....
that was hexed or something like that by a new and close friend...

So again is there a way to fix things?
Thanks ahead and Blessed be!
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Re: Help or what to do?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
If someone poisoned you,you should call poison control but if she or he "cast a spell" I don don't think you do something to food With putting something in like a bottle of blessed ingredients in it. I doubt anyone did though. You have nothing to worry about she can't harm you without hurting herself.
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Re: Help or what to do?
Post # 3
If the food was hexed or cursedt as soon as he food passes through your system the hex or curse is finished. Though its hard to do such things to food. I don't think you need to worry.
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Re: Help or what to do?
Post # 4
Well everything started with the people around me acting very weird. I knew something was happening but nothing.... That was the reason for me to search and to discover the wicca as possibility :D and the book i have says something about that ( i bought it for specific reason - to find out whats the root of my problems and... - here it goes ( first i'm sorry i didn't write this earlier )-i've had wonderful life until some suspicious people came in my life ( i don't even remember how we got friends... and the sad thing is that those people have been paid to lay uncrossings on me and jinxes and ... all the time i've been noticing things but did not know the being taken from of clothes... weird tastes of water in their house.....and such unhappy events
Thats the root of an even bigger problem in my life...with that my life turned upside down-3 years passed and still is-
i had wonderfull wife....she still is wonderfull but turned her back at me...i have two kids - after those periods they dont respect me-like im invisable in the house + the health problems im having->no doctor can diagnose my health issues and so on... so thats why i turned here...last hope :D
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