An I a demon?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> An I a demon?
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An I a demon?
Post # 1
Maybe it's me being over dramatic... But I feel like I'm closer and closer to identifying or being one... I don't think I'm possessed I feel more as if I would be doing the possessing... I was wondering if someone can tell me if I am and if I was what type I would be...I thought it be interesting to know..

Re: An I a demon?
Post # 2
I couldn't help but to hear Glenn Danzig's voice as I read this title...

I don't think any of us can tell you that. The idea that anon-human soul type can end up in a human body isn't anything new.
Look into otherkin.

Why do you think you are a demon?

Re: An I a demon?
Post # 3
Well generally speaking it is `possible` for spiritual entity to permanently inhabit human body or hell even to take place of human soul in the body(usually if human soul never inhabited the body,child would have been born dead, or if they enter whit intention of leaving but human soul is too weak to withstand there presence so it disappears/dies/gets absorbed and they end up stuck), now difference between people with spiritual entity instead of soul and "ordinary" humans is in level of spiritual awareness and nothing more.

Although I must admit to being curious what made you believe you are one of such entities and demon non the less?

Re: An I a demon?
Post # 4
What feelings make you think like that?

Re: An I a demon?
Post # 5
I've always led towards darker interests and can honestly be sadistic at sometimes. I'm not to educated on this topic though so maybe I'm thinking of a different term. Or maybe I'm doing something offly normal for human to think about. I just joined this site so I'm trying to learn stuffily this but I discovered it on searching up types of demon and of I would be one

Re: An I a demon?
Post # 6
You're not a demon. You are 110% human and no amount of black magic is going to change that.

Re: An I a demon?
By: / Novice
Post # 7
You might consider speaking to a psychiatrist. It might be nothing, but it could still help to speak with someone. It might be imagination, but if its a mental illness you might need medication to help.

You cannot physically become a demon, so don't worry. Spiritually though, maybe you were a demon in a past life, or its similar to otherkin, but I don't know if that's even possible. Just remember physically you will only ever be human.

Re: An I a demon?
Post # 8

No, kiddo, you're not a demon.

If you find it necessary, you're more than welcome to cleanse your home of bad juju (as I like to call it). This requires certain, but thankfully common, materials.

Re: An I a demon?
Post # 9
Sorry I'm on a phone I meant to say. I am aware I'm physically human

Re: An I a demon?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 10
excellent, then you answer your own are not a demon.

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