Self esteem

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Self esteem
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Theres plenty of people here who want to open their 3rd eyes for amazing abilities and what not and i understand becuase it does sound pretty neat. The problem here though is many here dont tell you is that how everything is connected. Your 3rd eye is not your only chakra and needs the others to function properly. An old moderator from years ago (forgot her name) said that a reason why opening your 3rd eye may cause headaches is because it isnt ready to open and your other chakras need attention first. Did you know ither chakras have psychic abilities to, your 3rd eye is the throne but depends on the others to do their part to. Just with that you see how one thing needs the other.

One thing rarely mentioned is how your subconscious beliefs affect your workings. You can cast spells and succeed with little effort but those effects last only so long. Unfortunately, people even high teachers dont realize that they actually follow hollywood magick more than actual spiritual teachings. One prime example is that once you cast a spell it will only last as much as you gave it energy. This is true but not how its supposed to be. In the law of attraction we work to integrate a belief in us so it may be part of our life. Since it is ingrained in their beliefs, it turns into a persons belief and it sticks with them because its part of them. A reason i use eastern teachings much more than western is because they understand this concept and have many techniques to help this process instead of using spells and auspicious days generally such as buddhism sikhism and judaism to name a few.

So whether you know it or not, your self esteem affects your spells. If you dont feel worthy of what you want and manage to manifest your wish, it tends to have side effects later on. If you feel guilty for being happy then reasons in life manifest that enforce that belief. Energetically the pancreas meridian is responsible for allowing sweetness into our lives. The link below shows foods and and kundalini yogic exersises for assistance to help fix that.

I have become infamous here for fighting with moderators and posting different beliefs that oppose western ideas that made me believe no matter what i post i would get negative feedback and guess what it came true. It became engrained in me that it came true no matter what i said. I didnt realize this stemmed from insecurity from myself. I realized i needed to worry about myself and love myself so this wouldn't affect me. In a little amount of time people came to support me and even ask for my guidance even though im not a teacher but a mentor. So you see, its not an outside thing but an inner thing. The outer is only a reflection of the inner world according to eastern teachings. This is why i use Law of attraction Ho'oponopono ,kundalini yoga and sikh teachings as my main spiritual practice. It enforces this and in little time my life changed the for the better.

If you want to increase your self love, a practical yogic exercise is the creating self love kriya. You can find it online aI prefer it over spells because it works on meridians, chakras and emotional blocks that in spell working you may not be aware of. And in spells you need to concentrate on the issue.!Open
(Self love kriya) if you feel you cant do full time, shorten it and work your way up.

Blessings :)

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Re: Self esteem
Post # 2
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