a few questions

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a few questions
Post # 1
So first I was wondering about making an alter to the goddess Juno, I have a few things I think will be good to put in there, like a peacock feather and I was thinking for offerings honey or burning herbs like lavender, but I'm new to alters and such and was wondering if anyone knows any other things that she might like.
Also with offerings like honey and wine, do I leave them there or do I take them and wash the offering plate, and how often should I do that every day? How long should I leave the offering plate there basically.
My other questions aren't about the alter basically I have a satin bag with some rose quartz, sun stone, a charm I got from a spell I have cast, a garnet and a diamond, its to help strengthen my boyfriend and my relationship, do you think that keeping it under my pillow and meditating on it while I fall asleep is good or should I carry it around with me? How well do you think the stones and bag work?
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Re: a few questions
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: a few questions
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Alright, for your altar, I don't work with Juno so I can't help you with stuff she likes, but the altar cloth should be a colour favoured by her or if you can find one with something like peacock feathers that works too. A candle or a statue of her [the candle represents her] and other items she likes or rules over. The offerings can remain on the altar. When you choose to change them [daily if its always up] pour the honey and wine outside and wash the dishes to be reused.

Stones aren't my speciality I'm afraid, so I'll assume they all share romantic or protective qualities. Charging of every night by meditating and placing it under your pillow is good, but charms should be close to who/what they're being used on. You wouldn't carry a protection charm for your house, so why leave a love charm at home? I would carry it with you, if your boyfriend knows about it, either make him one [place your photo in his and his photo in yours or a photo of the two of you together in both] or alternate who carries it. If you two eventually move in together, you can both make something and keep it at the home you share.
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Re: a few questions
Post # 4
Thank you ??.?? I'll start carrying the bag to my car and to my home, I would take it in to work with me but I tend to not bring my purse since I work in fast food and am moving around all day.
that was very helpful with the alter even if you don't work with her, I was only worried about like leaving the honey out in case bugs got into if but I bet if I clean it out every night then it won't be a problem.
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Re: a few questions
Post # 5
I don't work with Juno, but i do work with Hera. Try peacock feather, and a glass of milk, give it to a bird or plant. Maybe say offer honey to her as well, as offer a patterned cloth that has green, orange, yellow, and blue.

To do the boyfriend thing, i suggest carrying it, or leaving it on the altar. Try charging it weekly under the moon as well as sun.

Message for more tips on juno
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Re: a few questions
Post # 6
Oooo I think I'll leave it on the alter, that way I don't lose it or forget it in the car or something. Plus then the goddess can help me with it more. I may even take it out of the bag and just keep the separate pieces on her alter
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