Candle substitute

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Candle substitute
Post # 1
I only have ritual and magic privacy in my bedroom, but im not allowed to light candles or incense in there. Would a cup of water hot enough to show steam be an ok substitute? If not, what would be?
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Re: Candle substitute
Post # 2
Absolutely! Not everything needs candles. You could always get feather if this is for air on incense, and flutter it when in need.

Another too is boil the water but say pu a nice smelling herb, or flower in there. This not only may give it some color, but will make it smell nice!

If this is for wicca, ask Lark! Good job though.
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Re: Candle substitute
Post # 3

StellaLulu There are also some online vitral candles that care cool, work pretty great, and is great for people i your situation

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Re: Candle substitute
Post # 4
I believe that steam would be enough. If you really want the flickering look of candles as well, artificial candles are available for a low cost. And as suggested, if you have any other questions relating to Wicca, talk to Lark! :) Blessed be.
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Re: Candle substitute
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

It is certainly OK to use something other than candles in a ritual if you can't have open flames in your room. One thing would be to use the battery-operated candles you can find at any hobby store. They will give you the ambiance of candlelight without the flame.

Secondly, think about what it is that candles signify. Are they just there for the light they give? In that case you can get the same effect by simply dimming the amount of light in your room.

Are they there to represent the God and Goddess? If that is what they are doing you can choose something else to do the same thing. Statues come to mind. Or you can work more symbolically using for instance a shell to represent the Goddess, or a cup of water.

Candles, like any other tool, are great. But if you can't use them there are any number of ways to substitute something else.

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